Amend GNAT Constitution Group Invites Proposals For Amendment Of GNAT Constitution

A pressure group in Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) calling themselves ‘Amend GNAT Constitution’, mostly on telegram with the link is asking its members and the general GNAT members to submit proposals for consideration towards amendment of GNAT constitution.


The group which started last year August towards their GNAT National Delegates Congress in January 2022 were pushing for voting rights for all GNAT members to elect all GNAT executives at all levels. According to information gathered on their social media platforms their proposal for voting rights for all GNAT members to elect all executives at all levels was rejected at the national council level and could not be forwarded to the national delegates for decision because insignificant number of signatories endorse petition.


The group is however not giving up but rather believe their lateness to start their petition caused them. And they are now trying to undertake broader consultations and organization in earnest towards the next national delegates congress in four years time.


Aside their request for constitutional proposals, they are also undertaking a survey/poll about voting college within GNAT to find the aspirations of GNAT members that they can per sue. The poll monitored ask:


Which voting college should we push for in all GNAT elections?

A. Current delegates system

B. District, regional and national elected executives

C. Local, district, regional and national elected executives

D. All school reps, local, district, regional and national elected executives

E. All GNAT members

You can join them on telegram to take part with the link

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