CoE posted teachers asked to process postings

COE posted teachers

CoE posted teachers asked to process postings ahead of school reopening. The Ghana Education Service has asked all newly trained teachers posted to various districts to proceed to the various regional offices in the regions they have been posted to and complete the recruitment procedure.

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES) , this directive is to ensure all teachers are in school when schools reopen.

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Per indications given by the government, schools are likely to reopen in January 2021.

This calls for ensuring that teachers are available in various public schools to teach.

The GES has there asked all newly recruited teachers to complete their recruitment process ahead of reopening.

The completion of the processing of postings by teachers will ensure teachers are secured for all public schools ahead of the expected reopening of schools in January 2021.

Learners have lost nearly 10 months of learning and all efforts are being made to ensure schools hit the ground running when schools reopen. This calls for a proactive effort by the GES to ensure it is resourced enough to carry out its mandate.


CoE posted teachers asked to process postings -Press Release



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