We Don’t Want Any Incentives: By Innovative Teachers Union President


The new semester academic calendar introduced by Ghana Education Service has generated a lot of controversies and resistance by teachers in the country. And the civil society groups considering the new semester system unacceptable.


In a joint discussion held on Joy news consisting the head of Eduwatch, ranking member on education committee of parliament, Cassandra Twum of GES and Innovative Teachers Union president Stephen Desu, the head of Eduwatch stated that he does not think there is anything about the new system to be considered as a policy. He mentioned that the system introduced is unethical.


On the same program, Stephen Desu said teachers does not need any incentives to accept what is being forced on them in a reaction to assertion that teacher’s could be given extra incentive to work. He emphasized ‘we don’t want any Incentives, they should take their incentive’. He also indicated that it’s believed government is trying to avoid paying capitation grant three times using the trimester system and that is the reason government is introducing the semester system to pay the capitation only twice a year.

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