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15 Top US Universities That Do Not Charge Application Fees

USA graduate school application

If you have not submitted your USA university admission or application, consider these 15 Top US Universities That Do No Charge Application Fees.

Most universities charge at least between $150 and $500 as graduate school application fees, but you can avoid all that and look at these schools as they are currently not requesting application fees. They also offer some level of funding. You are advised to visit their websites to read more and contact them for all the assistance you need to go through the admission process. The 15 universities listed here are not in any particular order.


Application Process for Applying to Universities in the USA

To start your application process, follow these simple steps

  • Know the course or programme you want to study in the US
  • Research to find universities that offer the programme
  • Look out for your eligibility and their requirements to start the application process
  • Fill out the application form online to start the admission process. Look out for the college or university’s application fee waivers.
  • Put together all the documents required and submit them on time along with additional documents to support your application.
  • Look for scholarships offered by the university and apply for financial support for the course you have opted for. Universities in the US offer a lot of scholarships to international students.
  • Wait for the admission decision, and keep tracking your application.
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 The 15 Top US Universities That Do Not Charge Application Fees

1. Kenyon College

2. Carleton College

3. University of Dayton

4. Colby College

5. Tulane University

6. Reed College

7. Saint Louis University

8. Trinity University

9. Grinnell College

10. Illinois Wesleyan University

11. Rhodes College

12. Earlham College

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13. Wellesley College

14. Denison University

15. Smith College

NB: Check their websites for confirmation!


We hope this article on 15 Top US Universities That Do Not Charge Application Fees helps you find the right programme, college or University and the needed funding for your university education in the United States of America.



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