2021 BECE results to be released Mid-March | Projection

2021 BECE results to be released Mid-March | Projection 2020 BECE exam results 

Ghanaeducation.org projects that the 2021 BECE results to be released Mid-March

Information from reliable examiner which is available to Ghanaeducation.org indicates that the 2021 BECE results will be released in the middle of March 2022.


Currently marking of scripts is ongoing and is expected to end by 10th February 2022.


The Ghana Education Service has disclosed in the Secondary Schools calendar released that 2021 BECE candidates and their private BECE counterparts will commence the 2022 academic year as SHS1 students on 4th April.


Based on the above-given timeline we project that WAEC will release the 2021 BECE results between 11th and 19th Match 2022.


Thus, the results will be out before the end of the third week of March 2022.


2021 BECE candidates who have been anxious to know when the 2021 results for Junior High School leavers will be released now have a period to be certain about. It is highly impossible for the results to be released in February 2022.

The released results would have to be accessed online on the WAEC result using an authentic result checker card.

Once a student is able to access the results, it is prudent that a copy is printed and duplicated while waiting for the release of the school placements.


Now that you know when to expect the release of the 2021 BECE results, calm your nerves and find out what to do when the results are finally out. Read What to do when the BECE 2021 results are released to be informed of your next line of action.


How to calculate your grade when the 2021 BECE results are released.

To calculate your BECE aggregate.

  1. Add the grades you obtained in the four core subjects (Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, and Integrated Science)
  2. Pick two of your best grades from the order subjects and added them to the total you obtained from the core subjects.
  3. The total is the BECE 2021 aggregate obtained.

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Let us look at a practical example. Below is a student subject-specific grade.

Mathematics – 2

English Language – 1

Social Studies – 3

Integrated Science – 2

Religious and Moral Education – 1

BDT (Pre tech) – 2

French – 4

Information Communication Technology – 3

Ghanaian Language (Twi) – 3

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From the above, the total grade from the core subjects is 2+1+3+2 = 8

The best two grades from the other subjects are 1+2 = 3

The BECE Aggregate obtained by the student is 8+3 = Aggregate 11

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We hope the projected date for the release of the BECE results will help our readers. If you are a BECE 2021 graduate, get used to how to calculate your aggregate before the release of the results however, know that, your placement in a secondary or technical/vocational school will be based on your raw scores obtained.

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