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2021 NTC Teacher Licensing Registration: Get HELP now

NTC Teacher Licensing Registration

Teachers facing 2021 NTC teacher licensing registration challenges of various kinds can get their problems resolved by the NTC if they lodge an official complaint.

2021 Teacher Licensing Registration Solutions For Teachers

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has outlined  8 reasons why teachers may face challenges when they want to get their licenses at the various centres. We advise that after reading this important update; you look at [2021 NTC teacher licensing registration: What Every Teacher Must Know] to update yourself.

The NTC has indicated that all teachers facing any of the issues captured in the above-recommended post should contact the NTC.

The NTC can be contacted via the following phone lines during working hours

Contact 1:  0302986325

Contact 2: 0504962042

Contact 3:  0202317779

Alternatively, teachers having challenges with the Teacher Licensing Registration can also email the NTC via the e-mail


The National Teaching Council (NTC) has indicated that if you have gone through all these successfully but have no registered number, wait patiently until the team gets to your region.



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