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2021 Teacher Licensure Examination Results Out on Thursday – NTC

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The Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) ( 2021 GTLE results) will be released on Thursday, July 29, 2021, according to the National Teaching Council (NTC).

The Teacher Licensure Exam Results, when released, will inform candidates of their performance and whether they now qualify as professional teachers or not.

This was disclosed in a press statement issued by the National Teaching Council(NTC). The NTC added that the result will be published on its website, and candidates can either access them via their unique examination pins or phone numbers.

2021 Teacher Licensure Examination Results

The 2021 GTLE results will qualify teachers to acquire the needed certification to practice in Ghana was commenced in 2021 and was named the teacher licensure examination.

Out of the 27,455 candidates who sat for the 2020 teacher licensure exam, some 8,442 failed to meet the pass mark.

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The number represented 30.7% of the total candidates who sat for the exams in October 2020. A total of 19,013 teachers, representing 69.3% passed the exams.

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The Ghana Teacher Licensure Exam has become an annual assessment for grading teachers as professionals. Teachers who pass the examination and acquire professional status can use their ID cards issued by the NTC to work in any other country.

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