2023 WASSCE Biology: Final Projected Topics And Questions

2023 WASSCE Biology Questions

WASSCE 2023 Biology paper is scheduled for Friday 1st September 2023. Here are our final-projected topics and questions for the 2023 WASSCE.

A few tips and tricks will also be shared in this post. The Biology paper, honestly, is difficult. You need to understand the concept behind each topic and be able to recall during revision.

Candidates are advised not to practice ‘chew and pour’ rather use effective ways in order to recall.

The Biology paper will be written in two sessions, the initial one will be the theory or the subjective. A recess period will be allocated and after that, the objectives (Section A) will follow.

Candidates are to note that these projected questions are not ‘APOR’!.

Final Biology Projected Topics For 2023 WASSCE

1. Classification of living things

2. Importance of classification

3. Phylum and some examples (Major phyla)

4. Functions of some elements found in food

5. Deficiency of these elements

6. Organic foods

7. Make up of the digestive system

8. Symbiotic relationship

9. Kingdoms

10. Genetics

11. Finding number of chromosomes

12. The sense organs

13. Comparison of eggs of some mammals and birds

14. The nitrogen cycle

These are our final-projected topics for the 2023 WASSCE Biology paper. Candidates are urged to glance through these topics and learn or revise using the learning objectives as a guide.

Final Projected Sample Biology Questions For 2023 WASSCE

Below are our final sample Biology questions for all 2023 WASSCE candidates.

1. What are sense organs?

2. Name four classes of organic foods which are essential constituents in the diet of mammals.

3. What is classification of living things?

4. State the deficiency of the following;

  • Nitrogen
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Molybdenum
  • Potassium

5. State four economic importance of fungi

6. State four economic importance of plants

7. What is the name of the product of adding dilute hydrochloric acid to sucrose.

8. Mention a similarity and difference between the eggs of a bird and that of a toad.

These are the final-projected Biology questions for the 2023 WASSCE. Candidates are to note that question 4 is mostly on genetics, they normally repeat past questions, and question two is on food and nutrition.

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