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2024 January BECE Home Mock English Language Examiner’s Report: The 2024 BECE will be difficult to pass if…

BECE Home Mock English Language Examiner's Report

The Education-News Consult has released the 2024 January BECE Home Mock English Language Examiner’s  Report and results for the month under review. Below are the key highlights of the English language report for students, schools, teachers, and parents.

If teachers and students do not work to correct these avoidable errors, the 2024 BECE English language paper will be difficult to pass

2024 January BECE Home Mock English Language Examiner’s Report


#1. There was no numbering of questions answered by some students.

#2. Students are advised that the part a question belongs to is not the question number. Questions are numbered 1, 2, and 3 in that order, and these numbers must be written and visible on the answer sheet before answering the questions. Writing things such as Part A and Part B is wrong and should be avoided.

#3. Comprehension: Students exhibited weakness in the areas of providing synonyms or phrases that best replace underlined words and maintain the meaning of the sentences.

#4. Some candidates were lifting answers directly from the passage, word for word, without improving on them. In this case, the tenses were sometimes wrong.

#5. Students provide phrases without meaning instead of writing sentences that communicate the answer from the comprehension passage.

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#6. An orderly arrangement of answers is key to passing an examination. Students are advised to arrange answers well, be they in Section A or B. For instance, in answering objective questions, the answers should be outlined as indicated below and in no other way.

#7. Compositions: Q1 was an argumentative essay, yet some students could not tell what type of essay it was and lost all marks related to the organization.

#8. The points raised in many instances were very weak or not close to accurate, and this affected their ability to explain or articulate the points. There were no features such as a title or heading, the name of the writer, etc.

#9. The handwriting was sometimes difficult to read, not because the scripts were scanned but rather because they were not good enough.

#10. Students writing narrative essays (Q2) without a heading were very worried. The points raised were not fully brain-stormed, making the explanations weaker.


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#11. Some students started their essays without a good introduction, and in some instances, there was no introduction. Jumping into the body of an essay is a bad practice, and students must avoid it so they do not lose marks for a lack of proper organization.

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#12. Some students failed to read through their essays, which were sadly full of avoidable grammatical mistakes. In some instances, students did not know the exact vocabulary to use. A typical example is the  Q3 essay. A few students could not spell words such as vote, convince, etc.

#13. Some essays were less than 150 words, meaning candidates are weak when it comes to composition. There is a need for constant practice by students; reading more books will also build their vocabulary as well as their writing skills.

#14. Students should keep paragraphs short. In some instances, paragraphs were as long as half a page, which does not help. Shorter paragraphs help avoid a lot of punctuation errors and make the essay look well-presented and easy to read. This is part of the five points awarded under organization.

#15. Most students have challenges with literature and scored less than 7. Students need to take their literature lessons seriously, and it offers easy-to-score marks, which can lead to better grades.

#16.  The objective test performance of students was below the expected score of 25/30. Most students scored less than 15/30, which is worrying. A good score in the objective test helps students do well if their section B scores are low; however, scoring low marks in both sections creates a challenge.

#17 Students are advised to always fit in the suggested synonyms or phrases they intend to provide as replacements into the sentences and read the sentence with the suggested answers to see if they make grammatical sense and if they will maintain the meaning of the passage before writing them as answers. Again, students must provide only one answer per word; anything more than one will render the answer wrong unless both answers for the same word are perfectly correct.

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 English Language Recommendations for Candidates

  • Master synonym identification and usage. Practice replacing words within context while maintaining meaning.
  • Write complete sentences in comprehension answers. Avoid simply restating phrases from the passage.
  • Structure your essays effectively. Include introductions, clear points, transitions, and conclusions.
  • Develop a strong vocabulary and practice reading. This will improve your expression and writing skills.
  • Attend to basic grammar and punctuation rules. Avoid careless mistakes that can cost you marks.
  • Practice different writing styles (argumentative, narrative). Understand the specific requirements of each format.

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We hope this 2024 January BECE Home Mock English Language Examiner’s Report is taken seriously.

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