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5 Things That Make You A Brilliant Teacher – Are You Brilliant?

Emotional and Behavioural Disorders of Learners in Classrooms

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In the classroom, we need a brilliant teacher and not a brilliant student. If a teacher is always interested in the success of the naturally good students in the class, then that educator has no business being a teacher.

At the top of all the factors that shape the quality of education and teaching in a classroom environment is the quality of the teacher.

Let us face the fact, teaching is very challenging and demands a lot of hard work. As a teacher, you have to light up the mind of every learner you come into contact with.

You may be a class teacher or a subject teacher but after being in the class for a while in your teaching profession, you would realize that you need more than just the training you received to succeed in your teaching career. You need a broader knowledge of the subject(s) you teach your students and in-depth knowledge of the curriculum.

However, being a brilliant teacher also requires enthusiasm, vigor, a high level of patience, and emotional stability to manage and guide learners.

You cannot claim to be a brilliant teacher or receive such accolades and recognition if you have no desire to be the one to make a difference in the life of the learner and others.

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What are the common traits of most brilliant teachers?

#1 Excellent knowledge of the subject(s) they teach

One of the common traits of most brilliant teachers is an excellent knowledge of the subject(s) they teach. Such teachers are constantly learning, researching, and updating their facts. They do not use the same fact or teaching approach for all classes. Such educators are always looking out for useful information to transfer to their learners.



#2 They have control of what goes on within their workspace

If you are a brilliant teacher, chances are that you are most often in control of what goes on within your work environment starting from the classroom to the school entirely.

Being aware of your environment means, you know what the challenges of your students within the class are for the given subject. You are aware of their difficulties and how they are struggling to cope. You are aware of the positive and negative feedback. You feel the pain when your students do not do well; you want to re-teach or revise the lesson again using another method or different approach to help your students.

Such teachers are brilliant because they play their part and are valued and respected by the students; trust me, such teaches are warm people, accessible, and enthusiastic.

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#3 Brilliant teachers are hardworking

They may end up being the most resourceful teacher all the time.

They are always looking for an opportunity to give their best effort to school work, lessons, accessing students, and spending extra hours just to make sure the work gets done.

In some instances, such teachers are willing to give extra tuition to learners and never charge a penny or demand any fees.

They pay close attention to the weak ones in the class until they offer some help.

For instance, a class teacher noticed nearly half of my class two pupils could not read and write.

The teacher agreed to meet the entire class for an extra hour and got the information to parents after seeking approval from the headteacher.

The class started learning phonetics with fun from the basics and in two months, the class two pupils turned the class into a happy reading competitive class.

Again, brilliant teachers are organized beings who are aware of what they want to do with every lesson, the entire term, and the year.

How many teachers today set their SBA quizzes and tests or even prepare daily assignments and prepare homework during the vacation? or before the week begins?

Brilliant teachers do this and make sure it also does not become rigid but rather flexible enough to alter as per contingencies.

Brilliant teachers are prepared and highly organized, they know what to achieve through the lesson, through the term, through the year.

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#4 Brilliant teachers set have high expectations for all students

They commit time and effort to ensure the students achieve the expectation. Often if the targets are about the student’s academic success, it is set by the teacher and the student together.

Such teachers will not give up on underachieving students but rather they give much attention to them.

Teachers preparing students for BECE can set a target with their students.

Each student should list the 9 subjects and the grade they intent to make in 2021 BECE. These targets must challenge the learner and teacher. Such high expectations are common with brilliant teachers.

With the determination of the teacher and the level of commitment of the student, learners would gradually master.

#5 Brilliant teachers really do care for their students


They work hard to connect with them, teach engaging lessons day in day out that involve students.

They are also good at delivering lessons at the right place to make sure nearly every learner is carried along. They use the right resources to stimulate learning and transfer of knowledge.

In conclusion, brilliant teachers hold the view that student effort and teaching quality decide how well a student performs. They will therefore do all they can to help realize the goal. Where do you stand and how well have you measured yourself with the issues tabled in this article? It is time to act.



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