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69% of teachers believe teacher unions are not meeting expectations – Survey

teacher unions not meeting expectations

Teacher unions in Ghana are expected to be the mouthpiece of members and to champion issues of interest to teachers that pertain to their conditions of service.

Teachers who are members of the four unions namely, the Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union, National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana (CCT-GH), believe the unions are not functioning as expected.

Poll results: Teacher unions not meeting expectations

One of the functions of teacher unions is to be preoccupied with seeking the highest teacher rights. However, teachers in Ghana hold the view that this role and others have been neglected.

A poll conducted by to find out whether our teacher unions leaving up to our expectation was carried out out of 153 respondents who voluntarily took part in the pull, just 10% of teachers believe the various unions are leaving up to expectation.

Another 29% were not sure whiles 69% of respondents were of the view that the unions are not meeting the expectations of teachers.

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Some views sampled from discussions on our social media handles showed that teachers are not excited with the approach the various unions use to address their concerns when they represent the masses.

“It’s time teachers demonstrate against the leadership of teachers. No promotion, no upgrading, no textbook, no increment in salaries rather there has been increases in prices of goods and services but the unions are silent, now that it has to do with something that benefits the selfish interest you are going to Court. The above comment is in relation to the GNAT lawsuit against the Board of trustees of the Teachers Fund.” The comment paints the frustration among teachers.

A similar survey conducted by sought to find out from teachers what they would want teacher unions to focus on before the end of the term/semester?

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Out of the 123 respondents, 89% of them want the unions to put maximum pressure on the government to work on textbooks and supply them to schools in record time also ensure the Ghana Education Service organizes the training on the New Curriculum for Junior High School teachers.

Some teachers hold the view that the unions are saddled with challenges such as poor leadership, lack of proactive and strategic directions. For other educators, teacher unions have lost their bearing as far the reasons for their creation are concerned.

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Expectations of teachers from teacher unions

    1. Teachers look up to the various unions to fight for good conditions of service for members of the chalk fraternity.
    2. They expect unions with credit facilities to reduce the huge interest rates so that members can use the credit facility to build their own houses and own their own private cars with 3-5 years.
    3. Other teachers expect GNAT, NAGRAT, and other unions to seek first the welfare of teachers.
    4. Unions are expected to lobby the government and the Ghana Education Service, apply the needed pressure on these stakeholders to ensure teachers who upgraded themselves and financed it several years back are upgraded.
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The above and other expectations of teachers must begin to engage the attention of all teacher unions if they are to be seen by their members are working for them and not their personal interest. The “Teacher unions not meeting expectations” perception needs to change, and it requires extra work from the leadership of the various unions. This will make their deliverables more visible to members.



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