BDT Core Skills Questions for 2023 BECE Candidates

Ghana Education News| Likely BDT Core Skills Questions for 2023 BECE candidates have been compiled by our team to assist candidates preparing for their Junior High School leaving examination to prepare. 

The Basic Design and Technology -Likely BDT Examination Questions for 2023 BECE candidates have not leaked questions in any way but sampled predicted questions for students and teachers to use for their preparation.

These questions have been made available by teachers with vast experiences when it comes to preparing candidates for the BECE.

The questions cover BDT Core Skills for candidates preparing for the 2023 BECE. 

We recommend that all students attempt to solve the questions provided here.


BDT Questions Core Skills Questions

Core Skills Questions – Set 1

[a] State four [4] reasons why studying Basic Design and Technology.

[b] Define the following terms

[i] Diet

[ii] Malnutrition 

[iii] Under-Nutrition 

[c] [i] List any two sources of calcium in food.

[ii] State three factors to consider when planning a balanced diet.


BDT Questions Core Skills- Set 2

[a] [i] Name three sources of ion

[a][ii] Give any two signs that show a person lacks ion.

[b][i] What is frying 

[b][ii] State two types of frying. 

[c] [i] State two importance of exhibition 

[c] [ii] Give two factors to consider when planning an exhibition in your school.



Core Skills Questions – Set 3

[a] [i] Give three reasons why we must avoid spoiled food.

[a][ii] List two functions of water in the body.

[b] Name any two kinds of heating methods of cooking.

[c] [i] What is apprenticeship?

[c] [ii] State three avenues for apprenticeship training after BECE


BDT Questions Core Skills – Set 4

[a] [i] What is stewing?

[a][ii] State any three advantages of stewing.

[b] Identify the following stitches



bdt questions core skills questions

[c] [i] What are conspicuous seams

[ii] List two examples of conspicuous seams

[iii] What are harmonious colours?


Core Skills Questions – Set 5

[a] [i] What is partnership business?

[a][ii] Give two advantages of owning a partnership business.

[b] [i] Provide the common colours used to identify the following wires in the socket.

x. Live wire

y. Neutral wire

[b][ii]What is the purpose of a fuse in a three-pin plug/socket



Core Skills Questions – Set 6

Mr. Jokoto is a teacher in Aben Sokoo JHS. He finds it very difficult to fill his old motorbike with fuel each time he buys fuel. Most of the fuel pours on the floor and becomes a waste.

[a] Write a design brief:

[b] State two analyses on each of the following. 


ii. Material

[c] State two specifications each on

i. Materials 

ii. Ergonomics

[d] [i] Generate two solutions with notes and select one.

[ii]  Mention two materials that can be used to make the piece you suggested.

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We hope the likely BDT Questions Core Skills Questions for 2023 BECE candidates shared here will help all 2023 BECE candidates to prepare for the upcoming examination. Good luck as you prepare.

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