No 50%, No Fa ninyinaa, can you pay your ward’s tertiary education fee in January 2021

tertiary education fee

No Kyempe, No Fa ninyinaa, can you pay for your ward’s tertiary education fee in January 2021 Can you pay your ward’s fees? Well, free Tertiary education eluded us. 

I can see jubilations all across that’s fine, but tell those jubilating that school resumes earnest in January, they’ll regret letting go of a policy that could’ve absorbed 50% of their ward’s school fees in level 200, 300, and 400 as well as not pay a dime for freshmen come January 2021.

I say this, and I want to repeat this again, that Ghanaian youth have shortchanged themselves by not outing this gov’t in order to add Mahama’s tertiary policy to Nana Addo’s FSHS in 8years.

Education is the biggest investment any politician can ever make to your future and I feel sad for most of the poor but needy SHS graduates who were waiting hopefully for Mahama’s tertiary policy to progress, just like how Nana Addo against all odds brought the FSHS to push BECE graduates.

When a nation decides to choose what is already existing instead of a great opportunity to add to it and be the final beneficiaries, one thing comes to mind, our votes are either on auto-pilot or we do not do an objective analysis of the options on the table.

Now that we failed ourselves to add to free SHS, a free Tertiary education, I can imagine, parents beginning to ask questions like, where am I going to get the money to pay for my wards university education? 

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Many will have no option other than getting loans at high interest to pay for university education or line up in front of the homes of newly elected members of parliament who are broke after spending so much on elections.

For those who lost the elections and can help, don’t dare worry them with your fees because they will pretend not to have noticed you.

What a lessor burden Ghanaians would have carried if they had given an objective thought to plans by the NDC to fund tertiary education through government coffers.

We could weigh the options on the table well before maintaining the current government whose victory has not been recognized by the NDC, which believes strongly it won the elections.

You and I screwed up big time because the Free tertiary education will not happen…



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