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Computer Based Private WASSCE Mock: WAEC Nigeria Organizes 1st Free Mock (VIDEO): Ghana is next?

WAEC Nigeria Organizes 1st Free Computer Based Private WASSCE Mock (VIDEO) Ghana is next

The Computer Based Private WASSCE Mock is here and Nigeria has shown the way for the remaining members of the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

The Nigerian WAEC will, starting today, January 23, 2024, organise a set of free computer-based WASSCE mock examinations for all candidates preparing for the first series in February 2024.

Some stakeholders in Ghana are calling on WAEC Ghana to emulate Nigeria by introducing the comouter based WASSCE for private candidates. This will ehlp reduce and avoid all the examination leakage. At the sam time, it will help students study more and collapse the business of exam leakage syndidates in the country.

What is the Computer Based Private WASSCE Mock

Private candidates are offered the free WASSCE mock exam to familiarize them with the new online WASSCE format introduced by the council in Nigeria.

WAEC will examine WASSCE candidates in February using the computer-based exam system. What this means is that WAEC will not print examination questions on paper for the candidates. Again, objective test questions will all be answered electronically, while subjective test questions will be handwritten in the examination.

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It is important to note that, WAEC in Nigeria took this bold step as part of a conscious effort to reduce and deal with examination questions and answer leakages associated with printing, storing, and transporting examination materials to examination centres.

Again, the main examination will be held in specific centres where there are enough computers installed to help candidates write the examination.

Furthermore, candidates who want to participate in the online mock are to access the mock from either their mobile devices, desk tops, or laptops.

To participate in the mock, candidates must visit the WAEC online mock and follow the instructions. You cannot take part if you have not registered for the examinarion.

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The electronic West African Senior School Certificate Examination online system delivered by WAEC will be used for the test or mock. The series of free mocks organized by WAEC will equip candidates with the familiarity they need to excel in the main mock.

Prior to this, WAEC had also advised applicants to acquire basic computing skills that would enable them to take part in the mock and main examinations.

How to write the 1st Free Computer Based Private WASSCE Mock

  1. To participate in the mock, your candidate examination number is required on the logon screen – HERE
  2. If you do not have it, kindly contact your test instructor or administrator to get your index number confirmed.
  3. Enter your index number.
  4. Read the instructions for the examination on your dash board.
  5. Go to the test room to start the online mock examination by clicking the “PLEASE CONTINUE” button.
  6. The candidate will then be taken to the first exam section, which is the essay part of the free computer-based online WASSCE mock for private candidates.
  7. Candidates are expected to read and answer the questions displayed on their screen.
  8. Candidates will answer the essay questions in the answer booklets provided by the WAEC.
  9. Once a candidate has completed answering the required number of essay questions, he or she can proceed to the next section and wait to receive instructions from the examiner or continue to attempt the objective test if the examiner or invigilator has already issued the needed instructions.
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It is essential for mock candidates using the computer-based online WASSCE platform to carefully follow the instructions provided.

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WAEC Nigeria Organizes 1st Free Computer Based Private WASSCE Mock (VIDEO)






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