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Dear Ramatu, attitude comes before beauty: Obuasi school kid’s letter goes viral

Dear Ramatu, Attitude comes Before Beauty Obuasi School Kid's Letter Goes Viral

Dear Ramatu, a letter supposedly written by a school kid in Obuasi-East in Ghana is making headlines on social media. The letter which is addressed to the proverbial Ramatu seems to have gained popularity as many read their own meanings into its content. 

The trending school kid’s letter to a proverbial Ramatu is breaking the internet. Some readers have even tried to associate the letter to personalities of great prominence in Ghana. Others say it is just a mere coincidence.


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Read the full letter below with corrected typos to meet our basic editorial policy.

Joy Nkrumah

P.O. Box 649,


17th March 2021


Dear Ramatu,

I am very glad to write you this letter. How are you? Hope by the grace of God you are fine.

The reason why I am writing you this letter is to tell you why “A” comes before “B”. It is because Attitude comes before Beauty.

Lower your Pride and Ego.

Even iPhone 12 pro which is GHS9,150.00 needs a SIM Card of GHS2.00 before it can operate. So be humble!

Until I hear from you, it’s goodbye.

Yours Truly,



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Teacher’s Comment: 

The teacher who marked the assignment of the learner scored him 10 out of 10. The teacher’s remarks at the end of the assessment were “Interesting, Very Good.”

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There are so many moral lessons from the advice that attitude comes before beauty.


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