Double Track SHS Students To Resume Next Week – Check Out The Official Date From GES

Education is part of us and we can not do without education in our current dispensation. Parents are working hard from all angles to secure a better future for their wards through education. The Free Senior High School education was introduced by the incumbent President of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo has provided some sort of relief for parents’ burden in taking care of their wards in secondary schools.

In connection with the Free Senior High School Program,  a double-track system was introduced by Ghana Education. The double-track system was introduced to pave the way for students to have access to enough accommodations in Schools to prevent congestion.  Some sections of students will be in school and others will be at the house.

The official date for the resuming date for students under the free senior High school program has been released and all parents and students must take note.

According to the communique released, the official date for resuming will be on the 9th of June 2023. Parents should have the date in mind. Rumors that the resuming date has been postponed are not true. All students are expected to report back to school in their numbers in other to commence the academic lesson.

It is good to also note that, the newly admitted students who are now on break will resume to start their second term on 9th June 2023. Students must be careful to disregard all irrelevant posts from all social media handles but stay close to authentic sources wheeler they can get their news items in other to keep them updated from time to time. There is a saying that, the information you get access to related to its source can have a great impact on your life either positive or in negative way. Follow reliable media for more updates.

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