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Easter Means Rescuing The Perishing – Blessings for Today

Easter Means Rescuing The Perishing - Blessings for Today

Easter Means Rescuing The Perishing – Blessings for Today

God’s blessings for those who serve him are many and endless; he is rescuing the perishing. You and I need another dose of his blessings for today, but how easily do we recognize these blessings, he desires to rescue us and help us tap into his miracle.

A man was once getting drown in a river so quickly. He realized he was losing the fight using physical strength. You see, the Christian cannot win major battles fighting with carnal tools and effort. You need a divine push and support from God.

The drowning man, therefore, called on God to come to his aid. God!, you can see I am drowning, descend and rescue me. I personally want to experience your rescue.

God loved this man so much he responded to the prayer of faith immediately to rescue him. God is rescuing the perishing.

God laid out his action plan to reveal his saving power and save the man out of the hands of the river.

He sent a rescue team from heaven to redeem the man. In fact, God personally led the team out of heaven to the river. He visited the river first as a little child. Upon arrival, he took and long stick from the shore and dropped it in the river. By just extending his hand, holding on to the stick, and walking out along the nearest bank of the raging river, the man would have been saved.

The drowning man objected to the offer. He asked the little child who came to his rescue, “Are you God? …“Are you God?.

Typical of today’s Christians. Many of us do not see the glaring power of God at work in our lives, and so we reject Him at the moment we need him most.

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The little child said, “I am your blessings from God today”. Just stretch forth your hand and take hold of the stick to see how God is going to do a miracle of salvation today. But the man rejected the offer.

God was not done with him because he is in the business of rescuing the perishing and needs every one of us to be saved unto himself, each one of us needs a miracle of salvation.

And so, God came again, this time in the form of a man. When he arrived at the river and saw the drowning man still struggling, he suggested to the man saying…Hey, why not try swimming towards the bank of the river? It is closer to you and I will guide you out if you do not mind.

That is your personal effort to attract God’s favour and bring you the needed results now.

The drowning man’s heart was hardened more with ignorance clouding his faith and understanding of how God works miracles in our lives.

He still ignored the suggestion. He said, “I want God to do something extraordinary and He must save me himself.”

If you see God today, will you recognize Him? The man asked, shaking his head in disbelief. God uses the efforts of others to bless us, and no one has seen God.

Humble yourself as God uses others you think are nobodies to bring you to an expected end.

Finally, the strange man told the drowning man… “I am your blessings from God today” and left the scene holding the little child by the hand.

Rescuing The Perishing – Don’t Let God Give Up On You

The man was still in the river, crying and speaking in tongues. He was expecting a miracle he never knew was passing by.

God in his wisdom knew that he had to get the man out of the river alive, and so he sent a crocodile. Just when the crocodile appeared, he started screaming for help, calling the strange man and the child to help him, but they were gone.

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The crocodile was sent to scare him out of the river (Don’t put the lord your god to test Deuteronomy 6:16).

He was not moved even as he cried, he said…”I must die like this, I will go and meet God in heaven and question Him”.

He prayed that the crocodile should eat him up and God will have questions to answer. God is blameless and has no stain of sin. He is always right and does was it right. It is mankind that needs him.

There are many of us claiming to be Christians who are confused or ignorant of the power of God, His Word, and what it means to be a Christian.

God permitted his wish to come true, the man died, and on arrival at the gate of Heaven; he was stopped by an angel.

The angel said…”You were offered three glorious chances to be saved yet you rejected them all.

A child to teach you how to be humble and submissive, a man to give you courage and guidance, and a crocodile to shake off the fear and make you think and reason because God has endowed you with wisdom to overcome through action, prayer and faith yet you refused to act.

The angel added that…everyone who came to help him was God in a different form.

Disobedience leads to the wrath of God, yet his redeeming nature and love never fades aways if we obey Him, listen to his voice, and take steps of faith.

My friends, God would use someone to bless you today.

Do not ignore the goodness of God, which will come to you in different forms.

He would show his face today through someone, through an event, through an act, a smile from others when you are angry, support from another when you need it, encouragement when you least expect it.

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Goodness and mercy shall follow you all through the day.

His blessing is coming in leaps and bounds, his blessings will overtake you today and frustrate you with unimaginable favour.

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Never reject the help and blessings of God like this man.

You were not present when Christ walked the earth, worked for God, and died on the cross. But his death and resurrection complete our Christian faith and of great importance to all those who seek Him sincerely.

Do not ignore the power in his blood and the meaning of Easter.

May his resurrection in a pandemic era wake our faith, obedience to his word, and commitment to his calling in every regard.

This will help us rise out of sin and condemnation to a true holiness that does not bleach the weak faith of others with doubt.

Shalom, Peace, and Life to your dry bones, sad condition, and miserable-looking faith.

Be inspired, ignited, and resurrect with Christ now and forever.

Your blessings for today are here and now.

Affirm it by words, believe it in your heart, habour it in your mind, and inspire someone with it.


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