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NCOPST Foundation Africa Fundraising For School Projects

Fundraising For School Projects - ncopst foundation africa fundraising

NCOPST Foundation Africa Fundraising (NFA) for School Projects will soon be rolled out on a full scale according to the National Council of Private School Teachers (NCOPST)

The council established the fund to among other things provide financial support to private schools to obtain critical funding for their developmental needs.  

Mr. Ackon James, The NCOPST Executive Director, has disclosed that the council would organize a workshop for members and all other stakeholders on the crowdfunding system and how the NCOPST Foundation Africa Fund would raise funding to support private schools. 

Private school owners who have registered with NCOPST are expected to attend a workshop to learn at firsthand how to use the NCOPST Foundation Africa crowdfunding system to raise funds for school projects.

According to a communique copied to, the fund can be used to fund four groups of projects with new projects being audited for inclusion. 

The NCOPST Foundation Africa Fundraising crowdfunding system can be accessed by pre-tertiary schools to fund school projects, includes computer and science labs. Schools that have labs but do not have the capital to purchase computers can access the funds.

Classroom blocks can be built with funding from NFA and other important projects that private schools need funds to embark on.

“Also, you can raise funds to cater for the Education of the brilliant needy Students in your school that has been enjoying free but quality education from your school” The NFA communique stated. 

The leadership of NCOPST beleives the fund will make fundraising for School Projects easy and has therefore called on all schools to register with the council to reap the full benefits by calling 0540560643 to register. 

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If the meeting will be held, it will be on a Saturday and the venue would be at St John’s Preparatory School near Achimota Guinness Company Accra.

However, the date is yet to be announced. The NCOPST Foundation Africa Fundraising (NFAis expected to provide the needed financial leverage for private schools. 



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