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General Agriculture WASSCE Questions (Part 5) – Solve Now

The General Agriculture WASSCE paper will be written on 1st September, 2023. Let’s take a look at these likely questions.

Solve these questions as soon as possible. These questions will guide you and make you abreast of what you are to expect in the main exams

Question 1

(a) Enumerate five factors that influence the choice of farming systems in Ghana.

(b) (i) Distinguish between trailed agricultural implements and fully mounted agricultural Implements.

(ii) Give one example each of
(α) trailed agricultural implements;
(β) fully mounted agricultural implements.

(c) Outline three activities undertaken in each of the following agricultural occupations:

(i) agricultural economics;

(ii) agricultural research

Question 2

(a) (i) Identify specimens E and F.
State two precautions to be taken when using specimen E.

ii. Mention two ways of maintaining specimen E after use.
State one uses of specimen F. [ 6 marks]

(b) (i) Name one farm animal each from which specimen G and H could be obtained.

(ii) State one use each of specimens G and H to the farm animals from which they were obtained.

(c) (i) Identify specimen I.

(ii) What type damage does specimen I cause to crops?

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(iii) Mention one way of controlling specimen I on the farm.

(d) (i) State one features of specimen J that helps it to adapt to their environment.

(ii) Give one economic importance of specimen J

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Question 3

(a) Consider the farm business transaction below and use the information to prepare a profit and loss account for Grace Farm Limited, for the year ended 31st December 2014.

  •  Sales of eggs — 8 250.00
  • Cost of incubator — 2 500.00
  • Cost of feed —5,000.00
  • Cost of drugs —2,321.00
  • Eggs for domestic use —1,470.00
  • Loss due to mortality— 200.00
  • Value of stock left —300.00
  • Sales of broilers—- 9,872.00
  • Farm wages —-3,102.00
  • Broiler for domestic use —–2,610.00
  • Wages for workers — 2,800.00
  • Sales of manure —- 2,488.00
  • General expenses —- 856.00
  • Sales of day-old chicks —- 3,812.00
  • Packaging cost — 1,857.00
  • Transportation cost —-1,324.00
  • Depreciation —- 500.00
  • Equipment maintenance cost —480.00
  • Electricity bills —- 800.00
  • Net profit —7,062.00
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