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GES must punish teachers who film to embarrass students online

Teachers study leave pay : GES must punish teachers who film to embarrass students online

The continuous silence of the Ghana Education Service whenever teachers in the line of duty, film, and post embarrassing moments of students online needs to be looked at critically as cyberbullying and an act that does not meet professional teaching standards. 

Teachers in the country have and continue to post such videos because the GES has not taken action against the act. There are instances where a child is unable to spell a word or makeS pronunciation errors. Teachers video such acts and scenes and share them on social media without the consent of parents. 

Until the Ghana Education Service begins to see these acts as serious offences against the children, these videos will continue to flood and trend in Ghana to the detriment of the children and their parents.  


GES must punish teachers – Monalisa Abigail Semeha


The latest Ghanaian in the media landscape to bring up this issue is Mona Gucci known in real life as Monalisa Abigail Semeha. She is of the view that if the GES does not punish teachers who indulge in the act of uploading videos of students for mockery on social media, the act may get uglier. 

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It looks as though teachers who should be protecting children during lessons and contact hours in school are rather exposing children and encouraging cyberbullying.

The host of the ‘Bribe Gye Gye Wo show’, Mona Gucci during her show said she was worried and disappointed in teachers particularly those in the rural areas who often post such videos on the internet.

She added that those doing that are not helping the teaching profession especially trained and professional teachers who are posted to rural Ghana. If such videos are not for the purposes of mocking such students, why would a teacher videotape a student who couldn’t answer a question correctly for public mockery?

“A trained teacher who is supposed to be well mannered picks up their phone to video a child. Asking them questions whilst the whole class laughs at them. As if that is not enough after you post this video on social media. As a teacher, do you not know that all these things amount to cyberbullying?” the TV personality stated.

She explained such actions negatively affect the developmental growth of a child adding that “this can make a child desolate and withdraw from society or may become targets for bullies in their school.”

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Mona Gucci also indicated that some children amid their viral videos may use suicide as a way to avoid their pain.

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