3 thoughts on “GES Simplified New SHS Calendar for Senior High Students (Updated)

  1. so gold track what wrong have we done to the GES we will only spent one month two weeks in school but spent three solid month in the house.the problem is at the end both the single and the double track will write the same exams and they are expecting us to pass not everybody can afford an extra classes like me am an orphang who take Care of my self.please do something to help us we the gold track.the pasco will not help us!!!!!

  2. Geese , schooling now is like not been in school at all , days spent at home is more than that of which we spend in school , due to this teaching is inefficient and also drowning most students because most can’t afford to organise extra lllessons for themselves . GES please do something , changing the table will help a bit…….

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