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Ghanasco Free SHS Students receive several dirty slaps while kneeling (VIDEO): GES must show leadership

Ghanasco Students receive several dirty slaps from teacher

A video released by Kevin Taylor and sighted by shows Ghanasco Free SHS Students “EATING TEACHERS DIRTY SLAPS while on their knees.

A man in a blue top and blue jeans who looks like either a teacher or a housemaster in the school can be seen dishing out heavy dirty slaps on the cheeks of male students while the students were on their knees.

Is this the new GES-approved means of correcting students in Free SHS? If so, it must be outlined in the school prospectus as well.

The video showed three male students on their knees and receiving dirty slaps from their teacher.

The man abusing the students in the name of correcting them can be heard directing the students to draw nearer for their share of the slaps.

The Ghana Education Service seems to have failed when it comes to human rights violations such as these in our second-cycle institutions across the country.

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What is happening in the video is never allowed per the GES code on discipline. This is purely an abuse of students by this teacher or housemaster, who is enjoying the abusive moments.

The act captured in a video is a common routine in school.

Parents did not send their wards to school to be abused and slapped, as can be seen in the video attached. This is very barbaric and uncalled-for, and the GES must make heads roll.

The GES is so loose, ineffective and so late in responding to abusive practices in our secondary schools. The case of Annor Adjaye SHS students who were flogged mercilessly like animals on Mother’s Day is still unresolved. This particular act will not be swept under the carpet by the Ghana Education Service.

Enough of this barbaric act of the so-called teachers and educators in our public Senior High Schools in the name of discipline.

Each of the three helpless male students was just abused and dehumanized by the teacher or housemaster, who should know better.

The video shared by Kevin Taylor came with the text, “This is what is happening to our children under this useless Free SHS.

This happened at Ghanasco, I expect the Ghana education service to take immediate steps to apprehend this crazy teacher. I will be back with more.”

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The GES must show leadership and purpose and find a lasting solution to the continuous abuse of students in school in the name of punishment.

Parents whose wards are in Junior High School must also not seat unconcerned because very soon their children will end up in such schools and may be abused in the same manner. If your ward is in Secondary school, do well to find out how well they are treated and report any abuse of your ward to the Ghana Police.

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See something, say something.

Ghanasco Free SHS Students receive several dirty slaps while kneeling (VIDEO)


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