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How To Apply For Ghanaian Citizenship For Free, Detailed

How To Apply For Ghanaian Citizenship For Free

Ghanaian citizenship gives foreigners the chance to acquire full legal rights as residents of Ghana. Getting citizenship gives a lot of benefits. While the wait period can be extended, with legitimate arrangement it is feasible for qualified applicants to effectively gain Ghanaian citizenship. Check out the steps on how to apply for Ghanaian Citizenship for free.

How To Apply For Ghanaian Citizenship For Free

What is Ghanaian Citizenship?

Ghanaian citizenship depicts full legal participation in the Republic of Ghana. Residents appreciate full rights and assurances under the law. They can live, work, vote, and access social administrations in Ghana. Residents are additionally qualified for Ghanaian travel documents like passports.

Application Requirements

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Have legally dwelled in Ghana for about like 5 years
  3. Have a good character and sound mind
  4. Mean to live permanently in Ghana
  5. Make a vow of allegiance to the country
  6. Also, you should be able to speak and understand a native Ghanaian language. English language is additionally required.

How to Apply for Ghanaian Citizenship

1. Buy the application form from the Ministry of the Interior.

2. Fill out the application form and submit it to the Ministry of the Interior.

3. Give supporting documentation, for example, your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and proof of home in Ghana.

4. Pay the application fee of $100.

5. You will undergo an interview

6. After a successful interview you will be given a certificate of Naturalization once your application is processed and successful.

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Processing Time

The processing time for Ghanaian citizenship applications can be prolonged depending on the many circumstances. It is by and large expected to require close to a year for an application to be handled.

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