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Important Message to all Private School Teachers in Ghana

Important Message to all Private School Teachers

Ghana Education News can confirm that NCOPST has an important message to all Private School Teachers across the country. NCOPST in partnership with Universities in Ghana is rolling out a special Education Programme for private school teachers. This is aimed up helping teachers upgrade themselves in education-related programmes to which will make them relevant stakeholders at the Pre0Tertairy level and also provide new and better opportunities for them.

According to the council, every private school teacher can become a member by registering to join NCOPST so as to enjoy the benefits of being a member.

NCOPST has encouraged all teachers who are already on its platforms but are not registered members to seize the opportunity to officially associate with the council. According to Mr Ackon James, the NCOPST Director, NCOPST seeks the welfare of all private school teachers in Ghana; it serves as a powerful mouthpiece for all private school teachers as well.

He has therefore charged private school teachers to join the dynamic NCOPST family because the council helps private school teachers to secure jobs with better conditions of service.

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NCOPST is in partnership with Universities in Ghana for a special Education Programme for private school teachers. The council has also been invited by NTC, NACCA, etc for stakeholders engagement because we are the only approved and accepted Association for private school teachers

NCOPST is an accredited CPD Service Provider. This means that NCOPST has the right to train both public and private school teachers on the Ghana Teacher Prize, Teacher License, National Teacher Standards, Teacher Professionalism, Professional Grooming, Computing/ICT, CPD framework, CPD portfolio, CPD credit points, and many more.

It is also a registered Association under the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana with our reg. No. CG059052020

Earlier the better, do not wait to fall into a problem before seeking our support, the council advised teachers and called on all to register now and become yourself members by paying dues to pave way for the benefits of membership.

Once you register with NCOPST, you get a membership certificate which costs GHS50.00. The monthly membership due/member is GHS20.00. Teachers can pay the Membership Certificate fee and dues of Ghc70 to

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Message to all Private School Teachers: Benefits of membership

Currently, NCOPST is assisting teachers to:

1. Acquire permanent and Temporary Teacher License (For Professional and nonprofessional Teachers).

2. Get admission into the university for a Degree in basic education program through NCOPST Access Course

3. Pursue special Education Programme from universities in Ghana with few years

4. Get financial support for teachers (A) for Admission into university, (B) for a critical health condition (C) for old aged teachers, etc. through our crowdfunding system

5. Acquire legal documents for the teaching Profession


7. Be employed in the public sector (Professional teachers)

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8. Receive teacher License which has been applied for many months.

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There are other services the council carries out. Contact Mr Francis (PRO) on 0240818171 and Mr Isaac (Programme Manager) on 0241216286 after payment of the Registration fee of Ghc70 or Mr Ackon James, NCOPST Director on 0540560643.

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