8 thoughts on “JHS teachers can now teach in SHS with the new UCC SWITCH B.Ed Programme: Must Read

  1. If the centers could further be divided it will help a lot to cut down on transportation cost. For instance, those in Volta South can be considered to have a center at either Sogakorpe or Akatsi and this can for other Regions too. Thanks

  2. Please can someone who didn’t do education in the university apply. I mean if the person has completed the university and now want to teach

    1. Kindly check out that with the UCC, they will be able to provide very useful answers to this important questions

  3. Please, I just completed my bachelor’s degree in junior high school specialism but haven’t gotten my certificate yet. Can I apply for this course while waiting for my certificate?

  4. Please what is the next step to take after filling and printing out the application form? Do I need to submit it? If yes what other documents do I need to attach. And please what is the closing date for the submission?. Thank you.

    1. Kindly seek for further details from UCC. We currently do not have an answer to this question. Thanks

  5. Please, most of my colleagues want to apply but because of the distance in terms of transportation, they are unwilling to do so. There is no center created in the Oti region. Traveling to Ho cost about in and out two hundred and thirty cedis without feeding. They should try to create a center and Dambai or Jasikan for us. I applied but live in Dambai, transportation is now what I am thinking about.

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