Less than 24 hours for your English Paper

Less than 24 hours for your English Paper, you Must Check These out for your readiness

This paper consists of two parts: A and B. answer two questions in all; one question from part A and all the
questions in part B and C.

Answer one question only from this part. Your composition should be about 250 words long.
Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of materials.

1. Write a letter to the Director of Health of your district, stating at least two ways of improving the health
needs of the people of your district.
2. You are a speaker in a debate on the motion: “taking trade/vocation is better than secular education”.
Write your speech
3. Write a story to illustrate the saying: “A good name is better than riches”


[10 marks] Answer all the questions in this part

SACKEY J.A AND DRAMANI L. (Comp.): The Cockcrow
Questions 5(a) to 5(c) are based on the abridged and simplified version of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist


“ A cold, delay feeling crept over the boy. After a while, he saw and heard nothing’’
(a) “The boy” refers to …….
(b) The first sentence contain which literary device ……

Read the following extract carefully and answer question 5(c) and 5(e)

AMA ATA AIDOO: The Dilemma of a Ghost
“And that is the sad part of it, my sister. He has not taken this girl whom we all know and like but has gone
for this black-white woman. A stranger and a slave.”

(c) Who said this?
(d) Who is Black-White woman?
(e) State the point of view of the above extract?

Read the extract below carefully and answer Question 5(f) and 5(g)
KEN SAR0 WIWA: Home sweet home

“Now and again, we would drive past a gas flare-reminding us that this was oil bearing country and that
from the bowel of this land came much-sought-after liquid which fuelled the wheels of modern civilization”
(f) The underlined word “the bowel of this land” contain what literary device
(g) What image does oil bearing country creates? …..

Read the extract below carefully and answer Question 5(h) and 5(i)

LADE WORSORNU: Desert rivers
“ Desert too have their rivers
Entombed from birth in earth
Waters mightier than Voltas
Lie hid from glare of the sun

(h) If deserts too have their rivers where are rivers?
(i) What image does the reference to “voltas convey”?
Read the extract below carefully and answer Question 5(i)
OSOFOPON S.B. ESAMUAH: A wreath of tears
“We would have sent flowers but seeing how they had fallen callously into disrepute”
j) state the figure of speech in the first line of the above.



You are to write on ways of improving the health needs of the people, he/she must be able to
provide points such as;
1. Provision of health care facilities
2. Provision of health care personnel
3. Public education
4. healthy and good diet
You should be able to explain fully how these points, can improve the health needs

This is formal letter and student must use formal language. There should not be idiomatic expression
and slang

This is formal letter and should have two addresses, salutation, heading , introduction, main body,
conclusion, subscription, signature and full name
Each point must be in a separate paragraph. The paragraphs must be arranged well (indent).

Mechanical accuracy
Check the notes on mechanical accuracy


This is a debate . Students are expected to give at least two of such effects. Some of the points include;
Students must explain the effects and the possible solution. Each point must be in a sentence and well
The concept of school drop-out must be clear with instances

This is a debate and students must use formal language. There should be good use room for idiomatic
expression and slang

This is a debate and must contain, topic, introduction with stance, main body, conclusion and conclusion

Mechanical accuracy
Check the notes mechanical accuracy

Question 3

A good name is better than riches;
The expression should be with idioms, slangs, descriptive and narrative expressions more. The
expressions can be either narration or description.

The story should have beginning, main story and ending in a separate paragraphs



a. Oliver twist
b. Hyperbole/exaggeration
c. 2nd  woman
d. Eulalie
e. Third person narrative
f. Metaphor
g. Rich/wealthy country
h. Underground/in the earth
i. The people who pride themselves of wealth/prominent
j. Alliteration

Note:  We don’t believe in APOR. We don’t encourage APOR. We don’t practice APOR.

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