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NaCCA will Pilot a Revised SHS Curriculum at two SHS

NaCCA will Pilot a Revised SHS Curriculum at two Senior High Schools

According to a National Council for Curriculum and Assessment official, the new Senior High School (SHS) curriculum will be piloted in two Second-cycle schools: Okuapeman Senior High School and Mampong Senior Technical School.

The Curriculum Council (NaCCA) official stated that following the Second Cycle School Curriculum Pilot, his organisation will gather feedback from Senior High Schools (SHS) and incorporate concerns before the curriculum was pushed out statewide.

Mr Reginald Quartey, Head of the Curriculum Directorate at NaCCA, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the new Senior High School Curriculum will emphasise social, emotional, and behavioural challenges and values.

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He stated that the Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) had spoken with a variety of stakeholders, including people with disabilities, to ensure that the new curriculum was inclusive and met the requirements of students with disabilities.

“The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment with the support of T-Tel (Transforming Teaching Education and Learning), a Ghanaian not-for-profit organisation, has constituted an Inclusive Education Expert Advisory panel to strengthen accessibility for learners with disability,” Reginald Quartey, chairman of the panel, told the interview.

In a related development, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA, which reports to the Ministry of Education, has renamed two key topics, Integrated Science and key Mathematics for Senior High Schools.


Professor Edward Appiah, Director-General of NaCCA, stated in an interview with the Daily Graphic that Integrated Science would be renamed General Science and Modern Mathematics rather than Core Mathematics, NaCCA New Curriculum in SHS.

During the discussion, Professor Edward Appiah informed Graphic Online’s Education Editor, Kale-Dery, that the renamed disciplines would be studied by students pursuing General Arts, Business, Home Economics, and Visual Arts.

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The NaCCA Director-General did, however, state that beginning this academic year, Senior High School (SHS) pupils in the country will no longer be obliged to study Core and Elective Mathematics as separate examinable topics.

Professor Edward Appiah, the Director-General of NaCCA, stated that they will take Additional Mathematics rather than Integrated Science because they are currently taking Pure Science.

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