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Nana Addo Orders GES to Suspend Teacher Kwadwo – Facts Checked

Breaking: Nana Addo Has Ordered GES to Suspend Teacher Kwadwo - Facks Checked

The rumour trending on social media has it that, Nana Addo has ordered GES to suspend Teacher Kwadwo. The news has been greeted with anger among those who have seen it go viral. 

Teacher Kwadwo has been one of the vocal educators in recent times who has called on the Ghana Education Service to fix education at the Pre-tertiary level.

The teacher, A Comic Teacher with no STUDENT and a CLASSROOM., vlogger, and social media influencer has spoken on top issues affecting education and the GES in Ghana and was summoned before the disciplinary committee not long ago.

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Our visit to Teacher Kwadwo’s Facebook page showed that the educator’s attention has been drawn to the post.

He however denied the rumour and called on those behind it to stop.

“I know nothing about who is behind this post!”

“Why do some of you always find delight in tarnishing the image of innocent people?”


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These were the exact words of Teacher Kwadwo to debunk his alleged sacking orders purported to have been orchestrated by the President of the republic.

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However, additional information available on Teacher Kwadwo shows he resigned from the GES some months back.

The “Nana Addo Orders GES to Suspend Teacher Kwadwo” trending post is therefore false.

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