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Placing Professional Teachers on Non-professional Scale for 3 years is the Worst Injustice (Opinion) 

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Placing professional teachers on non-professional scale for 3 years is the worst injustice…Do you think others? Read on…


It will still end in much ado about nothing! Placing a professional teacher who has written licensure exams three years ago on a non-professional scale is the worst injustice.

The above quote is the first comment that greeted the first day at work publication on Hon. Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum posted by the GES on its official FB page.





It does not seem, The Minister for Education is going to get time to settle down before he gets a feel of the pressure that comes with being the Minister of Education.


Teachers with legitimate concerns have started seeking the needed attention from the minister by making their grievances known through any means possible.

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Professional teachers on non-professional scale

Teachers who attained professional status some three years back are calling on the minister to deal with what they call the worst injustice. Thus, the ministry has failed to put them on the right grade and the salary that comes with their level.



The eluding legacy arrears

Another group of teachers who are knocking on the door of Hon. Dr. Adutwum are the teachers whose legacy arrears are still unpaid several months after the GES asked them to furnish its office with documentary proof.



Study leave and teacher grade

Again, there are teachers who have returned from study leave with pay and are yet to be put on their right levels/grades. These teachers are requesting that appropriate grade point jumps are initiated and effected by the GES to ensure they are put on the same grade level as their colleagues.



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Sandwich programmes, Upgrades and Non-Recognition 

However, teachers who went on study leave without pay and those who offered sandwich programmes in an effort to upgrade themselves have their hopes hanging on a thin rope with no redemptive action by the GES insight. Elsewhere, the efforts of such teachers will be seen are good, especially when their efforts to access higher education did not in any way affect their duties at their respective post. It is only in our part of the world that form is given prominence rather than the substance in the action.  


The new Minister of Education as a professional teacher himself will have a herculean task drawing a scale of preference as to which of the above to deal with first and how soon.


Teachers are only waiting for his first move to see if he is with them and for them or otherwise.

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We hope Hon. Dr. Adutwum does not disappoint the hundreds of thousands of teachers who applauded his appointment.


Placing Professional Teachers on Non-professional Scale for 3 years and all other issues raised here need urgent, dynamic and proactive action.

Hon. Dr. Adutwum, what are what are your plans on these. 










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