8 Smart Ways BECE Graduates Can Prepare For SHS Self Placement

Self Placement Option of School Placement : Free SHS Self Placement

In this experience-based article, readers would appreciate these 8 smart ways BECE graduates can prepare for stress-free Free 2021 Free SHS Self Placement.

Everyone interested in Free SHS is anxiously waiting for the release of the 2021 SHS placements. The reality is that all students who sat for the 2021 BECE will not be placed automatically by the CSSPS.

This means some students would have to use the self-placement module at all costs if they are to be placed in any Free SHS.


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Advice to students with aggregate 20 – 48 on automatic school placement

It is highly recommended that all students who obtained grades between 20 and 48 must brace themselves for the self-placement option.

This is not to say that those who obtained grades below aggregate 20 would be placed automatically, neither does it mean 20 and 48 grades would not be placed either.

All students and their parents must take precautionary measures ahead of the release of the 2021 SHS placements and prepare for a stress-free Free SHS Self Placement.

If your grade falls in the 20 to 48 category, chances are that you ‘MAY’ miss the automatic placement into your five schools chosen during the school selection due to competition and wrong school choices among others.

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Choosing competitive schools and programmes will compel you to do a self-placement if you are not automatically placed.

How to prepare for a stress-free Self Placement when the 2021 SHS Placement is released is your trump card to success.

What you can do include the following.

1. Take your school selection booklet containing the schools.

2. Go to schools in categories B, C and D.

3. Study the schools in categories B, C and D and list 3 from each category, the accommodation type and programme you intend to study. The schools you choose should be based on your BECE results. You know by now the schools and programmes your grade match now.

4. Ask yourself if the grade you obtained would merit such schools.

5. If no, make the necessary changes. Seek help to ensure you make the right choices.

6. Arrange the schools based on category and priority.

7. When you are going to check your school placement, carry the list along.

8. If for some reason you are not placed and you have to use the self-placement module, you are better ready to make the right choice. This is because you already have a list of schools and you need not think excessively or waste time going through the available schools in the self-placement data. You also avoid the stress that comes with not being placed.

Pick each of the schools and attempt to do a self-placement. You have a better chance of succeeding.


Bonus strategy: For our stress-free Free SHS Self Placement bonus strategy, read carefully.

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There are instances when students choose schools but do not get placed because of their raw scores do not merit the programme.

In some instances, students do not opt for the same programme in all schools selected.
For example, if a student made the following choices.

1st Choice – Achimota SHS – Business
2nd Choice – Labone SHS – General Arts
3rd Choice – WASS – Visual Arts etc.

You would notice from the three choices that the programmes keep changing for each school choice.

If a student is not placed in any of the choices, above, it is possible to try and use the self-placement module to select the Labone and opt for the Visual Arts programme if that option is in the self-placement data.

If this goes through, you can end up in the same school but offer a different programme.

If you can take proactive steps as suggested above.


We hope we have shared some useful information in this post.


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