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Private sch. teachers license, CPD programmes fee reduction petition: Sign It from NCOPST

teacher license and cpd programmes

Teacher license and CPD programmes have become important necessities for teachers in both public and private pre-tertiary schools however, the cost involved is high for many private school teachers.

Private school teachers have therefore been invited to sign a petition for reduction of teacher license and CPD programme fees.

The National Council of Private School Teachers (NCOPST) has invited private school teachers nationwide to support the call for the reduction of the cost of teacher license and CPD programmes for private schools.

According to the council, the cost of the two important professional development programmes rolled out by the NTC and the GES will hinder many private school teachers.

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Most teachers in private schools earning low incomes. The current cost of teacher license and CPD programmes are on the high side for many of these teachers.

To help drive home the appeal, NCOPST is to petition the government and appropriate bodies but will need the commitment of teachers in private schools as well as the management of the various private schools.

In a communique received by, NCOPST has called on teachers to fill the attached form and sign it with their initials if they work in private schools as teachers.

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Teachers who take part in this exercise will assist NCOPST petition the Government of Ghana for to subsidize the cost of Teacher License and the CPD programmes

It further called on various school management teams to encourage their teachers to fill the petition form.

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The sign the petition form go to SIGN PETITION NOW!

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