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School Placement Raw Score for 2021 BECE and How to Calculate

School Placement Raw Score

Ghana Education News | How to Calculate 2022 BECE School Placement Raw Score is a piece of must-have knowledge for parents, teachers, and students as we prepare for the BECE 2021 scheduled for November 2021.

In this explanatory post, we will attempt to answer the question…How is the School Placement Raw Score Calculated? The answers provided will help students and parents.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) places candidates in schools (CSSPS) using the student’s raw scores obtained in the examination.


What is School Placement Raw Score?

The School Placement Raw Score per subject is the actual score or mark you obtained in a given subject at the BECE. This score is obtained by adding up for each subject your continuous assessment score sent to GES/WAEC and the score you obtained in the BECE.

For example, if your school continuous assessment score sent to GES was 35/50, and you obtained 36/50 in the examination, your raw score will be the addition of the two scores which gives you (35+36) = 71 out of 100.

The total School Placement Raw Score for a student is the addition of all raw scores of the student’s best six subjects, thus 4 core subjects plus the best two from the rest.

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How is your grade for each subject determined?

Each grade a student gets is determined based on the range in which the student’s raw score is found.

90-100  = (1) Highest

80-89    = (2) Higher

70-79     = (3) High

60-69     = (4) High Average

55-60     = (5) Average

50-54     = (6) Low Average

40-49     = (7) Low   

 35-39     = (8) Lower

0-34        = F (9) 

Now, for example, if you scored 71 in Mathematics, your raw grade for that subject is 3 (High). You can notice that there are several scores between the 70-79     = (3) High grade. 

School Placement Raw Score for 2021 BECE: How do we calculate?

For GES to determine who actually performed better and place students fairly, all the Raw Scores of the subject grades added to get your final aggregate will be added to get your total Raw Score.

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Once your raw score for the best six subjects is determined, your raw score will compete with others who performed better than you and want to be placed in the same school.

The School Placement Raw Score for 2021 BECE is the sum of the actual marks obtained for the 4 core subjects and the 2 best grades from the remaining courses.

For example, if a student obtained the following grades and raw scores

Subject                                                                                 Raw Score/100                                  Grade

English Language                                                                           72                                           2*

Mathematics                                                                                   81                                           1*

Integrated Science                                                                          64                                           4*

Social Studies                                                                                 79                                           1*

Information Communication Technology                                      82                                           1*

Ghanaian Language                                                                        62                                           4

Religious and Moral Education                                                      76                                           1

Basic Design and Technology                                                         78                                           1*

French                                                                                              71                                           2


The aggregate of EMSS + TWO OTHER BEST (2+1+4+1+1+1) = 10

Total Raw Score is = (72+81+64+79+82+78) = 456


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It is the raw score of 456 which will be considered when placing such a candidate in a school of choice and not his or her aggregate 10 grade.

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