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SHS3 Mid Semester Break Fake? Facts Crossed Checked

The SHS3 Mid Semester Break news circulating has been declared Fake by a cross-section of the public. The which announced the break was purported to have emanated from the Ghana Education Service (GES).

One of the reasons why some stakeholders have declared the mid-sem break as not true is that the Ghana Education Service postponed the reopening for the SHS3 students and indicated that the students will remain in school until they complete their WASSCE.

The announced break has disrupted school-specific academic plans put in place for the students. Some schools have started their mocks and were planning to continue next week. Others have planned to start theirs next week. The released directive means schools would have to re-plan their academic plans in this regard.

GES postponed the reopening of form 3 students with the excuse that they will not be going home again till they complete their WASSCE.

The letter marked fake is circulating along with the one without the FAKE inscription. This is providing conflicting information to stakeholders.



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Since the best means of ascertaining the authenticity of the announcement copied to all Regional Directors of Education was the Facebook page of the education service, crossed checked facts with the official social media mouthpiece of the service.

SHS3 Mid Semester Break  On the GES Facebook page, the service posted…

SHS 3 students are permitted to go on mid-sem break from Tuesday, July 20th to Sunday 25th. Classes will resume on Monday 26th July. Students who do not want to go home will be allowed to stay. The school will take care of them.

This confirms the announcement as true and emanating from the Ghana Education Service.

Since the news of the SHS3 Mid Semester Break broke out, a cross-section of stakeholders have described the Mid Semester break as needless, given that the students are expected to commence their examination in August 2021.

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Others complained about the lack of information for heads of schools as nearly every information, including the semester break, has to be made known at the national level.

Below are sampled views from the GES FB page on the announced Semester break for SHS3 students.

“Education system without any timetable, the education system in which headmasters don’t know their left and right, education system where a teacher can’t even plan for tomorrow because of inconsistencies of GES. Somebody just wakes up and issues statements without proper consultations. Everything basaa no-no.”

The way you guys are handling the education system in Ghana, be careful ooo….Posterity will judge you guys ooo…yooo…you’ve messed up the system why? God have mercy on Ghana!💔

“The Ministry, as well as the GES, are confused. You don’t really know what to do. Shame on you! Bow down your heads in shame. That notwithstanding, should you be printing a new set of past questions now? This is the time the final year students will get to their libraries to pick these past questions and solve them. For those who completed last year and took the past questions home, what use will it be to them? Shame on you. Lemme advise you with my little knowledge when you’re done printing the current documents (past questions) give it to schools to put in their libraries.”
“Five days’ break or so will not change anything. Good idea GES. After all, our Muslim brothers will be able to enjoy their freedom. Even some teachers don’t even come to class so there is no need to complain Thank you.”
“Herrrrrr this our mother Ghana and our educational system, the least said about them the better”
The SHS3 Mid Semester Break directive per information gathered by is not fake but authentic.


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