4 thoughts on “Teachers contribute to BECE students’ failure but don’t want to be blamed (Interesting Survey)

  1. I have read the writeup and have my reservations on comparing the teachers to trotro drivers. In the car, the passengers don’t “learn” anything but in the schools, the pupils learn.
    No one can force a pupil to learn when he/she doesn’t want to.
    Most of the pupils do not have reference materials to consult when out of school.
    The government have removed the cut-off point of entry into SHS so any aggregate he/she gets can guarantee them admission into the SHS so they do not learn.
    The government stopped the supply if textbooks to schools so why blame the teacher when the pupil fails?
    Please come again with your research and stop trying to put the blame on the teacher.

    1. Thanks for your responses… and contribution to the debate… Disagreeing with the analogy is to say teachers are not to be blamed. Books are key, but teachers surely play a role in a student’s failure and success.

  2. This research is a true reflection of what is out there. But I believe the researcher has misunderstood the 3rd question or has not constructed the question well. The word sometimes in your triangulation question suggests a maybe approach. From the previous responses, you will realize that teachers were also blamed, but not in the proportion that others are blamed. This, therefore, put a larger responsibility on other stakeholders than teachers. I, therefore, think the heading of your research is problematic and should be corrected to reflect the true findings of the research. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your contribution to the ongoing debate. Contributions like the one you have made are always needed to improve what we do, and you have added great value to the issues. We are highly grateful for your submission.

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