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Tease RC basic school neglected after school building collapsed

Tease Roman catholic basic school use church building as classrooms
Pupils of Tease Roman catholic basic school (RC) resorted to using the Sunday school block of the church as a classroom since the collapse of the school block In February 2020.
School children in class six and JHS one of the Tease RC basic schools in the Kwahu Afram plains South district have been left to their faith since the collapse of their classroom block by a Rainstorm in 2020.
In an interview with the headteacher Rev. Sis. Maria Goretti in the early hours of Thursday, July 15, 2021, she expressed her displeasure with the delay on the part of the district assembly for not attending to the situation since it was inspecting the venue in 2020.
” Since the roofs were brought down by rainstorms, representatives of NADMO and the assembly engineers were here to inspect the intensity of the collapse and assured us they were going to work on the building in a short while. But since then we have written and attached all necessary documents required to the district assembly only to be told that the assembly had already exceeded their budget for that year and could not allocate funds for the ruffling of the classroom block.”’
According to the circuit supervisor, all efforts to get the district to roof the classroom block have proven futile.

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