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UG Academic Affairs Directorates To Help Students Register Their Courses

The unusual stress on students who are unable meet the deadline stipulated for course registration is on the alarm

According to verified sources, a number of students have not been able to register their courses after payment fees during the deadline for academic course registration

The situation has bring a lots of inconveniences and emotional stress on students who fall within this category

As a result of this, during  a follow up by the Students’ Representative Council(SRC) , the academic affairs directorates in the University of Ghana have consent to the payments of fees by these students and is ready to assist students to register their courses

The SRC Detailed the following;

We are happy to inform you that after conversations with the Academic Affairs Directorate regarding students who paid their fees before the deadline but could not register their courses,

All students who submitted their requests and paid more than 50% of the fees by the specified deadline of 3rd November 2023, as requested, will be duly considered to register.

The Academic Affairs Directorate has already addressed all inquiries received up to last Wednesday and are actively processing the letters submitted on last Thursday and Friday.

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Rest assured, the SRC is committed to ensuring that every request is adequately reviewed and addressed in a timely manner.

This is made by known yesterday as shared on the official twitter page of Radio universe

According to the statement, students who registered during the deadline will have the opportunity to have their identities active on the student platform

Informant360 can confirm that the intervention of the SRC has been a worthy cause as far as issues of course registration is concerned

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