WAEC Sample BECE 2021 Integrated Science Questions

2023 WASSCE Integrated Science BECE Integrated Science Qs & As for Serious Candidates BECE 2021 Integrated Science

These are WAEC Sample BECE 2021 Integrated Science Questions for students preparing for the examination. Integrated science is a core subject and students can pass this subject with the right attitude, practice, and preparation. Attempt all the questions below. The questions here include objective test, Practical and the section B

WAEC Sample BECE 2021 Integrated Science Questions – OBJECTIVES

1. Tapeworm is classified as a/an
A. endoparasite.
B. ectoparasite.
C. pest.
D. vector.

2. Cultivation of perennial crops is done under
A. aquaculture.
B. alley cropping.
C. monoculture.
D. mixed cropping.

3. Which of the following diseases infects
both farm animals and humans?
A. Anthrax
B. Burulli ulcer
C. Coccidiosis
D. Typhoid

4. 20g of fresh soil weigh 15g after drying. Determine the percentage moisture content of
the soil.
A. 75%
B. 50%
C. 25%
D. 20%

5. Yellowing of the older leaves of growing plants is a sign of deficiency of
A. calcium.
B. nitrogen.
C. phosphorus.
D. potassium.

6. Which of the following farming systems is practiced in communities where land is scarce?
A. Land rotation
B. Crop rotation
C. Ecological farming
D. Mixed farming

7. Which of the following nursery practices ensures the production of uniform seedlings?
A. Shading
B. Pricking out
C. Soil stirring
D. Watering

8. In agribusiness, retailers operate within the
A. production chain.
B. processing chain.
C. supply chain.
D. value chain.

9. Turbidity of pond water can be controlled through
A. de-silting.
B. fertilization.
C. harvesting.
D. liming.

10. The processes of osmosis and diffusion are carried out in living cells through the
A. mitochondria and nucleus.
B. chloroplast and nucleus.
C. selective membranes and nucleus.
D. chloroplast and mitochondria.

11. Which blood vessel carries oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart?
A. Pulmonary artery
B. Pulmonary vein
C. Jugular vein
D. Aorta

12. The density of water is 1g/cm
3. Which of the following substances will float in water?
A material of mass
A. 12g and volume 10cm
B. 22g and volume 20cm3
C. 30g and volume 28cm3
D. 12g and volume 13cm3

13. A bee sting is known to be acidic. Which of the following chemical substances can be used to treat bee stings?
A. Common salt
B. Lime juice
C. Ripe orange juice
C. Ripe orange juice
D. Wood ash

14. The process by which rocks break down to form soil is known as
A. composting.
B. erosion.
C. leaching.
D. weathering.

15. Night blindness can be prevented by taking enough vitamin
A. C.
B. D.
C. E.
D. K.


WAEC Sample BECE 2021 Integrated Science Questions – PAPER 2 (ESSAY)

(100 marks) 1 hour 15 minutes
(Compulsory – 40 marks)

1. (a) In an experiment an iron bar is magnetized by dragging a magnet over the surface of the bar from end A to end B several times as shown the diagram below.

i] Mention the method of magnetization used.
ii] State the polarity of the end of the magnet used in the magnetization process of the end of the magnet used in the magnetization process, if the ends
A and B of the bar become North Pole and South Pole, respectively.
iii] How will you test that the bar
AB has become a magnet?
iv] Indicate how you will test for the poles
A and B of the bar.
v] Give one precaution that should be taken during the magnetization process.
vi] Name one other method of magnetization.

(b) The set-up below is used to prepare a gas in the laboratory.


Give the names of the parts labeled I, II, III and IV.
Write down the two names of the method of gas collection.
Explain how the gas collects over the water.
Name two gases that can be prepared using the set-up.


(c) The set-up below shows air being breathed out through the mouth into a test tube
containing lime water.


Why does the lime water turn milky?
Identify the milky substance produced.
Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction in the test tube.
Name two other substances present in the breathed-out air.
What is the aim of the experiment?

(d) The diagram below shows the set-up used in a test on soil sample.


(i) Name the parts labeled I, II, III and IV.
(ii) Mention the property of soils that the experiment is testing.
(iii) Give the steps of the experiment.
(iv) State three functions that the soil component identified as
Iplays in crop
(60 marks)
Answer any four of the following questions:
2. (a) What is a living cell?
(b) Give one function of the following components of a living cell:

cell membrane;

(c) Make sketches to show the arrangement of particles in each of the three states of matter.
(d) What instrument would you use to measure
each of the following quantities:

volume of a liquid;
mass of a stone;
speed of the wind?

3. (a) Name three deficiency diseases associated with diet and state their causes.

What is hard water?
Mention three ways by which hard water can be made soft.
Explain how sound is produced.
State one example each, of the following instruments:

(c) (a) wind instrument;
(b) string instrument.

4. (a) State two examples of a
(i) carnivore;
(ii) herbivore.
(b) What is the difference between
egestion and excretion?
(c) Explain briefly why

(i) gold is used to make necklaces and earrings.
(ii) steel is used instead of iron to make car bodies.
(d) (i) What is surface tension?
(ii) Explain why the surface of water in a container is
not flat but curved.


We have no doubt that the WAEC Sample BECE 2021 Integrated Science Questions on this page will be very useful to all BECE candidates.

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