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Want to Pass Teachers Promotion Assessment? Read and Join For Help

GES PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATION SAMPLE- Pass Teachers Promotion Assessment: Teacher License Orientation

Teachers Promotion Assessment – GES Promotion Affairs – Self Help Teachers Supporting each other.

This group helps teachers writing the promotion examination for the first time and those who have taken the exams but have not made the grades to learn and prepare for the assessment.


It is the process of obtaining information that is used for making decisions about students, curricula, and programme. It includes the full range of procedure used to gain information about student learning. These procedures may be formal thus pen and paper test and informal, thus observation.

Purpose and Principles of Assessment:

– instructional management decision

– For Selection Decision

– For Placement decision

– For Guidance and Counselling decisions

– For Certification decisions


1. Assessment of learning: It occurs at the end of the year or at key stages. It is a summative evaluation. It is often associated with a letter grade or number for grades e.g. report cards.
It is the purpose of Assessment that typically come at the end of a course to determine the extent to which instructional gals have been achieved and for grading and certification of students at the end of a course.

2. Assessment as learning: students are able to learn above themselves as learners and become aware of how they learn. It involves self and peer assessment. It provides students with the opportunity to use the feedback to improve learning and is a formative assessment.

3. Assessment for learning: it is ongoing, diagnostic and formative. It is not used for grading.

CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT: it is the formative evaluation procedure which deals with the systematically finding out the overall gains the students have made in terms of attitudes, values, skills, abilities and knowledge.
Characteristics of

Continuous Assessment:

1. It is cumulative: final grade is the sum of all the marks the individual has attained throughout the programme

2. It is Formative: The instructional programme is broken down into smaller units, the teacher teaches a unit and then assess the students on that unit and if they MASTER it, he moves on and if they don’t get re-teaches it again. It gives instant freed back.


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3. It is Systematic: The information is not collected anyhow but in an orderly manner. The teacher as well as the learners must or should know the volume the information will be collected.

4. Guidance Oriented helps an individual to know its strength and weaknesses. It helps to develop talents.

5. It is Comprehensive: it covers the three domains of human personality, thus cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor

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Source: GES Promotion Affairs – Self Help Teachers Supporting each other

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