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We don’t want this “Nonsense crap” called one teacher one laptop – Concerned Teacher Fumes (Audio)

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Do you, as a teacher, want the one teacher one laptop brand at all?

Teachers in public SHS have been targeted by the GES to receive the first batch of laptops to be supplied. Those supplied will pay 30% of the cost whiles government pays the remaining 70% of the price. However, concerned teachers have raised questions as to how much the laptops actually cost. Others have asked why must teachers’ pay for tools they are supposed to use to impact knowledge when per the labour law, the employer is required to tool staff for the performance of their duties and roles.

An audio in circulation on the called the one teacher one laptop programme of the MoE a  Nonsense crap” as a concerned teacher spoke on the issue

In march 2021 we sent a petition to CHRAG over this laptop issue for GES or the Ministry of Education to answer questions on how the procurement was done. The lawyers have written to GES, Attorney general warning of court action should the GES dare to touch the salaries of members.

Allegations in the tape that cannot independently verify


According to the speaker in the audio, GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT-G has connived with the government to bring these substandard laptops so as to make money they (GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-G) have been promised. He added that all indications show the laptop brand to be supplied to teachers is a substandard product hence it will not serve its purpose.

In his statement, he said “The purpose for which these laptops are being brought and being given to teachers by force is that some few greedy people want to make millions out of this laptop distribution and we are not babies who were born yesterday.”

If the distribution happens to be of good intentions the laptop should be a levonovo, IBM, or Dell.

But instead, they decided to maximize their greedy cut on the laptop, they went somewhere to manufacture this crap they call laptop for teachers because they think teachers are not ICT inclined.

He argued that some teachers already have laptops with better specifications than what is being offered.

He questioned if the Minister of Education will follow the same procedures being followed to procure and distribute the laptops to teacher in his private school in the United States of America and whether he will spend his money the way that of the public is being misused under the one teacher one laptop project. In the view of the speaker, common-sense approach would have been used by seeking to know the teachers who already have laptops and would not need the one being procured.

He advised teachers not to think in their wildest dream that someone is seating in Accra thinking about them. The speaker furthered that whatever they are doing with the laptop is to seek their greedy tendencies and make money for themselves.


Problems envisaged with the one teacher one laptop 

He argued that, when the laptop gets spoilt, it cannot be repaired and it has to be thrown away. Second-hand well-known brands in Ghana can easily be repaired anywhere in Ghana he added sighting Kwame Nkrumah circle as one place to get repair services for world-class brands of laptops.

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Again, the speaker furthered that, the laptops to be distributed to teachers under the one teacher one laptop does not have spare parts and components in the country and that, they will end up just like the RLG laptops.

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The purpose of the laptop will be defeated due to the above reasons he added. Do you as a teacher want the one teacher one laptop brand at all?

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