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Will The 2023 SHS Placement Involve Double Track System

It is important for all 2022 BECE graduates to know the following information as they awaits their placement into SHS. Already, the West African Examination Council has released the 2022 BECE results.

The Ministry of Education has announced that 2023 school placement for 2022 BECE graduates will be released before the close of February, 2023. This means students should expect to be placed in various Senior High Schools of TVET institutions by the close of February

Will The 2023 School Placement Involve Double Track System

First-year Senior High School students for the 2023/2024 academic year will not go through the double-track system which was introduced in 2018 to accommodate the increase in enrolment of Junior High School students into Senior High Schools.

All SHS one students will be in school together. There will no division in them as experienced few years ago.

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According to the Ministry of Education, adequate preparations have been put in place to ensure that schools are able to absorb the first year students.

The Public Relations Officer of the Education Ministry, Mr Kwasi Kwarteng, explained in an interview on Accra-based radio station, Citi FM, that the limited infrastructure situation that prompted the double-track has been improved.

“That whole idea about dividing students into two where within a particular year group, we have one group go to school and after some weeks or months, they vacate and the other one comes to school, this time around we are not going to see that arrangement again. There has been significant improvement in terms of infrastructure,” he said.

He said the GETFund had ensured the completion of about 1,400 infrastructure that had made it possible for the double-track system to be suspended.

“In 2017, GETFund did an infrastructure review and realized that over 3,700 projects had been abandoned. Just after last year, over 1,400 of these projects has been done so clearly the result of this is accommodation to a large extent, so that brings a significant improvement in the accommodation situation we’ve been talking about.”

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