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Worrying 2024 BECE Mathematics and Science Weaknesses Detected In The January 2024 BECE Home Mock

Worrying 2024 BECE Mathematics and Science Weaknesses Detected In The January 2024 BECE Home Mock BECE mocks TOO HARD than WAEC's BECE. Help your BECE candidates prepare and pass with our BECE consultancy services

Check out the full details of the worrying Mathematics and Science weaknesses detected in the January 2024 BECE Home Mock. Parents, teachers, students, and schools are encouraged to work on their would-be candidates.


Worrying Mathematics and Science Weaknesses Detected in January 2024 BECE Home Mock


Our candidates are exhibiting worrying challenges in mathematics. Parents who can afford should get their children’s Mathematics and Science tutors now…The students can get better in four months for the BECE if they get the needed help and the issues outlined here are correct.

Candidates performed below average. The overall performance on this subject was not encouraging and did not meet expectations.

  1. Candidates who answered graph-related questions did not label axes in graphs; this led to the loss of marks.
  2. Candidates did not show work in arriving at their answers. Mathematics is marked differently, and every working towards arriving at the answer is rewarded. Students are to show workings on the answer sheet.
  3. Candidates did not number their work. This is a bad practice, and teachers must echo it loud and clear.
  4. Candidates could not do basic calculations. This means the foundation is weak and can be a problem if not dealt with
  5. Candidates could not draw a pie chart. Teachers need to take this seriously and work on their students.
  6. Candidates deviated from inequalities due to the fact that they did not know how to find the least common multiple (LCM), which students were introduced to in basic 4 through JHS. It was a big challenge for many when they needed it to answer questions.
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Some Mathematics recommendations for students

  • Practice basic calculations and problem-solving techniques regularly.
  • Label axes in graphs and show your work when arriving at answers.
  • Refresh your memory on concepts like LCM, inequalities, and pie charts.

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The overall performance was not encouraging.

  1. Candidates could not define simple terms like diffusion and cross-pollination.
  2. Simple functions of the xylem and phloem gave candidates headaches and so they deviated massively.
  3. Candidates went extremely far with the use of AI in solving integrated science questions. With this, the AI provided them with sophisticated answers. (solvent for rubber, and candidate wrote ketone as an answer). Ketone is basically under organic chemistry for pre-tertiary studies.
  4. With regards to the definition of osmosis, Candidate A defined osmosis as the gradual process of assimilating ideas and knowledge. Same Candidate Weathering is defined as the process of weathering materials.
  5. Tip: For candidates to secure a grade of 1 in the integrated science subjects, they are to score at least 35 marks out of the 40 objectives questions and 77 marks out of the section B part which is out of 100 marks. With this, 35+77/140 x 100% =. 80%. Parents, students, and teachers should note that Integrated Science is marked over 140 and a candidate’s score out of the 140 is then converted to a 100% score.

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Integrated Science Recommendations for Candidates

  • Understand and define key scientific terms accurately.
  • Learn the functions and roles of different biological structures (xylem, phloem).
  • Avoid relying solely on AI for answers; focus on building your own understanding.
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We look forward to students and other stakeholders taking this report seriously and working to correct the worrying issues outlined.

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We hope that these worrying Mathematics and Science Weaknesses detected in the January 2024 BECE Home Mock will be worked on by all teachers and students whether they took part in the mock or not.

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