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10 COVID-19 rules for parents as schools record Covid-19 cases

10 COVID-19 rules for parents

File Photo: Teacher monitoritng children in a class activity in lower prinmary.

These are 10 COVID-19 rules for parents, as schools record COVID-19 cases. It is important that everyone gets interested in the safety of our children in school. 

This means parents need to coach their children on how to behave at school because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the risks associated with it. 

In this article, we will share with our readers, 10 rules for parents to be used to guide children ahead of the reopening of schools. This will help ensure our children follow basic schools in school for their safety, that of the school community, and our homes when they return each day. 

10 COVID-19 rules for parents as schools record Covid-19 cases

Our children from Preschool to tertiary will go back to school very soon. We would like to share with you these commandments for the little ones which can also be used by the older learners.

1. Sit your kids down and talk to them about covid-19

Children have heard, read, seen, and listened to so many conversations regarding covid-19 but, as they get ready to go to school, it is time to sit them down and talk to them. Learn from them what they know and help them unlearn the wrong information they have by teaching them the right stuff about the disease. This also means parents also mastering the knowledge about covid-19 and teaching it to their wards in the form of advice, family discussions, and quizzes. 

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2. Introduce them to the use of sanitizer.

Children have naturally learned to use hand sanitizers but reintroduce them to it at home from now. Many families have stopped using them. Let us enlighten our young minds about it again. 

3. Let them know that they can’t share their spoon, bowls, and water handkerchief, etc

Children love to share whatever they have, but it is time parents discourage that by educating their wards to understand why they cannot share stuff such as nose masks, spoons, bowls, and water, and handkerchiefs. These essentials must be provided. 

4. Tell them to wear their nose mask when playing with their friends.

Let us inform our children about the safety smart reasons why they must not remove their nose masks while in school and when in the midst of other school and classmates. Let the children know, no one has the right to touch their nose masks and that they should report immediately to their teachers. Follow up on your ward at school and ensure you inform teachers about your ground rules for your ward’s safety. This way, the school will also update you on what their policies on COVID-19 are. 

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5. Tell them their pencil, pen, eraser can’t be shared.

Sharing is caring, but today if your wards share their stuff with others, they will be putting themselves and the whole family at risk. Enlighten them on why such items are risky to share now. 

6. Provide at least 2 well-Ventilated nose mask for them daily.

Ensure that each day your ward is living at home, he or she has at least two nose masks for the day. Let them know what time to change or replace the one they are wearing to school. Teach them how to change or wear the nose masks without the support of others.

7. Provide at least 3 uniforms for your kids.

If your ward has one or two school uniforms, you must change their uniforms after each day at school. Frequent washing and ironing are very important. Another option is to get more uniforms for the child.

8. Give them enough snacks and tell them not to share them with anyone.

Provide learners with enough food and snacks for each school day. Advise and insist that they do not share with others and also they do not eat food and snacks of their friends. 

9. Let them bath as soon as they return from school and try to wash their uniform daily.

Parents must ensure their children bath as soon as they return from school. Daily washing of school uniforms is important. Do not pile them up in your room or the laundry basket for the week that can be dangerous to the whole family. 

10. Check their temperature always.

Ensure you check their temperature always. Have a thermometer gun at home or have the medical thermometer, cotton, and sanitizers for cleaning and reuse for the family. 

COVID-19 is real. The safety of our kids is our responsibility. We hope these 10 COVID-19 rules for parents ahead of school reopening helped. 

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