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1st Batch of CoE Degree Graduates To Overtake Diploma Holders in Grade

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1st Batch of CoE Degree Graduates To Rise Above The Seniors to Principal Superintendent (PS) Upon Completion

Teachers in Ghana have started shouldering each other, jostling, and seeking supremacy as Ghana gets ready to welcome her 1st Batch of CoE degree graduates. 

Per heated discussions and views sampled by this portal on social media on the 1st Batch of CoE degree graduates, upon completion of their programme, they will be placed on the grade of Principal Superintendent (PS).

This means these new graduates will move ahead of their predecessors in rank per the Ghana Education grades. The night mere of such an event has led to agitations on social media. 

1st Batch of CoE Degree Graduates To Overtake Diploma Holders Comment

A commentator had this to say “The first batch of degree teachers from the colleges will be coming out soon and they will be placed on PS. It is rather a pity the various Unions do not see anything wrong with that.”

“Teachers are protesting about upgrading especially those who have done their degrees and are not on PS.” Some teachers completed their degree as far back as 2018 to date nothing yet nothing has been done. The Unions should do something else the newly trained degree holders will become our seniors. That’s my opinion as such.” The teacher posted.

Teachers with Diplomas in education have been given a window of opportunity to complete a one-year top-up to help them meet the basic requirements of the GES. The Ministry of education has disclosed that, in a few years to come, the minimum qualification for teachers would be 1st Degree.

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The poster of the comment sighted above believes the various teachers’ unions are not acting in the interest of teachers. 

Teachers who are due for promotion/ upgrades are complaining bitterly about upgrading, especially those who have

Others hold the view that the challenges of teachers are due to the fact that the front of teachers has been divided politically and for that matter, there is nothing like a common voice to seek the interest of teachers. 

How can someone who completes a degree program in 2018 still will not be upgraded? What is the essence of the person acquiring the certificate? 

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Tension seems to be mounting and the traffic that has held the promotion and upgrade of teachers need to be dealt with as soon as possible to deal with this uninteresting spectacle teachers are going through. 

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