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It’s 1st March: 2020 SHS Placement Out At 00:27 am

Ministry of Education (MoE) has released the 2023 school placement for all candidates who wrote the 2022 BECE 2020 SHS Placements out

The Ghana Education Service released the 2020 school placement, and it is live on its portal at CSSPS

Candidates of the 2020 BECE can check their placements now.

It has been two weeks of expectations and waiting by the public with regard to the 2020 SHS Placement release.

On 21st February the entire nation looked up to the release of placements, but it never happened. On 26th February, it disclosed in a press release that the school placements would be released on 28th February 2020.

Today is 1st March, and the GES has finally released the school placements.

The delay in releasing the school placements is unacceptable and may have serious negative effects on the credibility of the service in matters of this nature.

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Did GES lie to the general public or something went wrong? We were told the placement will be out today. We have crossed over into March 2021.

The GES has been in touch with the public and kept updating. This is commendable however, the GES seems to have kept students and parents who have been waiting all day on Sunday in the dark.

After all, the GES did not release the 2020 School placement on 28th February as announced but on 1st March 2021.

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It is hoped that SHS1 students will not be compelled to start school on 10th March as announced. Parents and students need time to prepare before SHS1 students can report to school.



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