2021 BECE Results and School Placement Related Questions & Answers

BECE Results and School Placement Related Questions & Answeres

Ghana Education News Updates: BECE Results and School Placement Related Questions Answered. Find all your answers to questions such as …When will 2021 BECE graduates start Free SHS, What to do after the BECE results are released. What must I do when the school placements are out and when will the BECE results be released?


When will 2021 BECE graduates start their Free SHS education and how do they get ready for secondary education? This question is one of the few that candidates continue to seek answers for as they wait for their results. In this article, Ghanaeducation.org will provide useful information to candidates and other interested parties.

The 2021 BECE was administered by WAEC in November 2021 however, the results and school placements are not out.

According to the Ghana Education Service, the 2021 BECE candidates who were accessed by WAEC in November last year will start their secondary education in SHS1 on 4th April 2022. This means the candidates will have to wait until the date indicated to enroll for SHS education.

FAQs: When Will The 2021 BECE results be released?

The GES and or WAEC has not indicated the exact date for the release of the results. However, the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) often releases the results of the WASSCE and WAEC examination 45 days after the examination. But with the emergence of Covid-19, the release may be delayed.

This year,  we project that the results for the BECE will be released between February 2022 and the first week of March 2022.

FAQs: When Will The 2021 BECE School Placements be released?

The school placements for BECE graduates are released at least one week before SHS1 students report to their various schools. Since the GES has indicated 4th April as the reopening day for SHS 1 students, we can conclude that, if no delays occur, the school placements should be released by the Ghana Education Service and the Free SHS Secretariat between 21st and 25th March 2022 or earlier.

FAQs: What must I do if the 2021 BECE School results are released?

When the BECE 2021 results are made public by WAEC, candidates must obtain the result checking card, visit the result checking portal and use the details on the card to access or check their result. It is always important that you print a copy or two of the results. This is important since you will need it as one of the attachments for processing your school enrollment.

FAQs: What must I do when the 2021 BECE School Placements be released?

a. Once the results are released, you need to buy the school placement checking card. This card is different from the BECE results checker.

b. Get the school placement checker, log onto the school placement portal and access your placement.

c.If you are placed in a school, print out the placement documents. Often you have to print not less than two official documents from the portal. If you are not placed and have to do a self-placement, do that with the help of an adult and choose schools wisely.

d. When you print the form, ensure you have an envelope to keep the documents safe. We recommend you get a plastic envelope/bag popularly known as “My Clear Bag”. It is better and safer than paper packs and envelopes.

f. Fill out the forms by providing the relevant information accurately. Students and parents are advised to get a 4 passport picture as well just in case the school requires it.

g. Once you print the placement details and complete the needed details, you can schedule when you will visit the school to start the manual enrolment registration.

h. The school will often give you a students prospectus which contains the school rules, requirements for day and boarding students among others.

FAQs: Can I change my school after I Have been placed?  

Often, the school can be changed only if there are valid reasons such as

a. If a male student is placed in an all-female school

b. If the school you are placed in was not part of the six choices you made

c. If you have been placed in a special school which admits only special students with some physical challenges.

d. If you are placed in a day school in another region (If you did not choose the school, it makes it easy)

f. Other reasons

In all these, the final decision will be that of the Free SHS secretariate.

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Through this article “BECE Results and School Placement Related Questions Answered” we have been able to answer your questions relating to when you should expect the release of the 2021 BECE results, school placements, and what you have to do when the results and Free SHS placements are out.

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Leave questions we have not answered as comments and we will respond.

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