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2021 BECE Social Studies Mock questions – Social Studies Trial Questions

2021 BECE Mock questions - Social Studies Trial Questions BECE Social Studies Questions : Social Studies Questions and Answers

On this page, you will find a set of past 2021 BECE Mock questions/ Pasco for Social Studies, which you can use as trial questions while preparing for the upcoming BECE for school candidates.

The uploaded Social Studies paper is a past paper many students and teachers do not have access to. These have therefore been uploaded to help teachers and learners preparing for the 2021 BECE to attempt to solve.

The 2021 BECE is just a few months away and solving past this and other SOCIAL STUDIES past papers and trial questions is a good way to prepare for the examination.

At the BECE, social studies remains a core subject, and passing or failing it can impart your grades as well as your school placement, and passing it at the BECE is key to getting placed when the school placement is out.

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Sadly, it is one of the subjects students struggle to pass. One way to deal with this is to engage in constant practice with trial questions and past papers such as the one uploaded here.

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How to administer the Social Studies Trial Questions for 2021 BECE candidates

Students and teachers can administer the questions in several ways.

  1. The teacher can use questions as a mock paper or a class test.
  2. Students can do self-assessment by attempting the questions under strict examination conditions at home or in school with friends.
  3. We can also use the questions as revision materials in schools.
  4. A quiz for group study will also ensure learners learn and teach each other.
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How to download the 2021 BECE Mock questions – Social Studies questions

To download the trial questions, click on the download button below

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