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2021 WASSCE Examination Fees, Closing Date Out For School Candidates

WAEC 2021 Nov/Dec examination date 2021 late Nov/Dec registration SSCE 2021 starts today with practicals - Download simplified timetable

The 2021 WASSCE examination fees for school candidates have been released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

The details were contained in a letter to Heads of Senior High School from WAEC dated 12th January 2021.


What is the closing date for the 2021 WASSCE examination registration for school candidates?

The registration for the 2021 WASSCE begins on 1st February and ends on 22nd March 2021.

What is the 2021 WASSCE registration fee for school candidates? 

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The examining body indicated that candidates who will sit for 7 or 8 subjects would pay Two Hundred and Fifty-Two Cedis, Ten Pesewas (GH₵252.10.)

Due to the above, parents, guardians, and sponsors of students are to note the registration period to ensure they get their wards duly registered for the examination.

Also, students in public second cycle schools are not likely to pay the 2021 WASSCE examination fees because of Free SHS, which covers their examination fees.

However, students in private schools are advised to update their parents on the total examination fee early enough.

Most importantly, candidates in private schools will have to pay these fees to enable them to register for the examination.

The 2021 West African Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) to be scheduled for September/October.

The council also released approved fees for practicals for candidates.


2021 WASSCE examination fees for Practicals

The WASSCE 2021 Examination Fees for practicals is GH₵17.50 per practical.

Meanwhile, Students who will take part in the following subjects would have to pay an additional GH₵17.50 per practical.

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The practical subjects are:

  1. Oral French/ Arabic
  2. Auto Mechanics Practical
  3. Food and Nutrition Practical
  4. Clothing and Textile Practical
  5. Music (Performance Test)
  6. Animal Husbandry Practical
  7. Visual Arts Practical (Per subject)
  8. Crop Husbandry & Horticulture Practical
  9. Fisheries Practical
  10. Forestry Practical
  11. General Agriculture Practical
  12. Metalwork Practical
  13. Woodwork Practical
  14. Biology Practical
  15. Physics Practical
  16. Chemistry Practical

Students and parents are to note that the cost of practicals will increase their total examination fee marginally.

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