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2021 Yale Undergraduates Scholarship Open – Apply Here

Yale Undergraduates Scholarship Open - Apply Here

The 2021 Yale Undergraduates Scholarship is open for all interested applicants. Current Yale undergraduates can apply to the Education Studies Scholars program in the fall of sophomore year, although several juniors may also be accepted as space allows. Students must have taken or be currently enrolled in Foundations in Education Studies, EDST 110.

Applicants will receive notice of admission decisions before the start of spring semester. Stay tuned for details of the 2021 Ed Studies Scholars application.

The 2020 Education Studies application is due by midnight on Friday October 29, 2021.

Download: 2021YES Scholarsapplication

Please email [email protected] for additional information.

Information Sessions: TBD

2021 Yale Undergraduates Scholarship Additional Application Information:

Please consult the Office of Career Strategy for resume assistance, including these recommendations. OCS offers online and in person resume reviews.

Faculty Reference: You may request a reference from any faculty member, including a professor, College Dean or Head of College.  They will not need to write a letter, but merely be willing to be contacted.

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Transcript: You may submit an “unofficial academic record” (available directly from or a copy of an “official transcript” you have previously ordered. You do not need to order an official transcript for your application.



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