2023 BECE Social Studies Trial Test For JHS3

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This post contains the 2023 BECE Social Studies Trial Test For JHS3 as the students get ready for the upcoming Junior  High School leaving examination.

At Ghanaeducation.org, we believe in constant practice using BECE standard questions. Teachers and students should try their hands on the following BECE trial test questions.


2023 BECE Social Studies Trial Test For JHS3: OBJECTIVE TEST


  1. People who belong to the same ethnic group in Ghana have common

(A)  Name              (B)  occupation             (C)  language             (D) religion

  1. Which of the following is not a local Ghanaian language?

(A) Nzema    (B) Gonja      (C)  Twi     (D) Hausa

  1. Which of these is an outdated cultural practice?

(A)  Female Genital Mutilation     (B) Wedding       (C) Schooling    (D) Leisure

  1. The belief in Witchcraft is based on. ……

(A) research    (B)  superstition       (C) Science       (D) logic

  1. Which of these stands for the conventional sign

(A) settlement                    (B) Mosque           (C) school            (D) fort

  1. When the scale of a map is expressed in the form of a ratio, it is called as

(A) statement scale     (B) linear scale   (C) representative fraction  (D) Maths scale

  1. The instrument used in measuring the amount of rainfall is called

(A) compass               (B) rain gauge  (C) thermometer                   (D) anemometer

  1. The features which show the water bodies that exist in an area is called

(A) Rivers   (B) sea  (C) lakes  (D) drainage

  1. Which of the following is the most popular river in Ghana?

(A) River Volta       (B) River Pra   (C) River Waya      (D) Sissils River

  1. The leading producer of gold in West Africa is

(A) Liberia  (B) Ghana  (C) Nigeria              (D) Togo

  1. Ghana’s Earth Satellite Station is at

(A) Ada       (B) Nsawam          (C) Kuntunse         (D) Salaga

  1. What is the name given to the two birds on top of the Coat of Arms?

(A) Parrots   (B) Crows    (C) Chickens   (D) Eagles

  1. Greenwich Meridian passes through which town in Ghana.

(A) Tamale (B) Tema  (C) Takoradi   (D) Tatale

  1. The model of the earth is called. …..

(A) Atlas         (B) Map      (C) Globe       (D) Compass

  1. The capital of the Savannah region is. ….

(A) Salaga                  (B) Bole       (C) Buipe        (D) Damango

  1. How many new regions were created in Ghana in 2018?

(A) 10                      (B) 16          (C) 6         (D) 5

  1.   Latitude 66.5    South is also known as

(A) Meridian    (B) Great circle     (C) Antarctic circle      (D) Arctic circle

  1. The Savannah region is located in which vegetation region

(A) Tropical rain forest      (B) Guinea Savannah (C) Mangrove forest     (D) Woodland

  1. Which country lies West of Ghana?

(A) Cote d’Ivoire  (B) Togo   (C) Senegal     (D) Nigeria

  1. The highest amount of rainfall in Ghana is experienced in which town.

(A) Kumasi                     (B) Mole         (C) Axim                (D) Tamale

  1. The meteorological department deals with

(A) water   (B) stars    (C) weather    (D) minerals

  1. What is the name given to the election conducted for the creation of new regions

(A) Bye-election  (B) Census (C) Acclamation  (D) Referendum

  1. Laws in Ghana are made by

(A) Lawyers  (B) Parliament  (C) President   (D) Ministers

  1. The head of the Judiciary in Ghana is

(A) Chief Justice         (B) Speaker       (C) President                  (D) Chiefs

  1. General pardon for offenses against the state is

(A) Amnesty       (B) Freedom        (C) Grant      (D) Forgiveness

  1. Checks and balances prevent

(A) Ethnicity  (B) Dictatorship  (C) Crime  (D) Streets

  1. Who is the head of authority at school?

(A)  School prefect (B)  Pastor  (C) Headteacher  (D) Chief

  1. A good law should be

(A) made public      (B) for criminals only     (C) rigid (D) students only

  1. Unity in our society can be promoted through

(A) Hospitality  (B)  Courage   (C)  Humility   (D) Confidence

  1. The African Union (AU) has how many member countries?

(A) 55   (B) 50   (C) 16   (D) 195

  1. United Nation (UN) Day is celebrated on every

(A) 24th October     (B) 24th November   (C) 24th December   (D) 24th January

  1. The headquarters of AU is located in

(A) Accra   (B) Lagos   (C) Lome  (D) Addis  Ababa

  1. In which of the following regions in Ghana is the Mole National Park located

(A) Damango  (B) Salaga (C) Yendi   (D) Kariga

  1. The efficiency of labour is achieved through

(A) Morality   (B) Poor work attitude   (C) Training and retraining   (D) lateness to work

  1. One man business is called

(A) Sole proprietorship   (B) Partnership  (C) Joint-stock (D) Cooperative society

  1. Mountain Afadjato is located in which region

(A) Greater Accra                (B)  Volta  (C) Ashanti  (D) Northern

  1. The farthest point in the south of Ghana is

(A) Axim   (B) Tema  (C) Cape three-point   (D) Oti

  1. Which air mass brings dry season in Ghana?

(A) North Eastern Trade Wind (B) Humidity  (C) South Western Trade Wind (D) Temperature

  1. How many countries constitute West Africa?

(A) 20    (B) 10 (C) 17   (D) 24

  1. The smallest country in West Africa is

(A) Ghana (B) Cape Verde   (C) Niger  (D) Togo



  1. Describe the 1948 riot.
  2. Give three ways in 1948 riot negatively affect the Gold Coast.
  3. Describe the 1956 Plebisite
  4. State four benefits of the coming of the Europeans
  5. What are responsibilities?
  6. Give five responsibilities of citizens of Ghana
  7. State and explain five benefits of the vegetation to the economy of Ghana
  8. [a] Name five major rivers in Ghana   [b] Give five importance of rivers to Ghana’s economy
  9. Name four natural resources and give two examples of each resource you outline.
  10. Explain three components of the Ghanaian culture that makes it different from others.

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Bonus Questions: 2023 BECE Social Studies Trial Test For JHS3 


You are to answer any three (3)questions from this part.

Question One (1)

(a) Define the following

(i) outmoded cultural practices

(ii) superstition

(b) Explain any four (4) reasons why some societies develop faster than others

Question Two (2)

(a) What is a scale?

(b) State any four (4) features of a good map

(c) Draw the compass and show the major cardinal points.

Question Three (3)

(a) List all the regions and their capitals in Ghana.

(b) What is national unity?

(c) Outline any five (5) ways Ghanaians can foster national unity.

Question Four (4)

(a) Explain the term Constitution.

(b) Draw the structure of organs of government in Ghana

Question Five (5)

(a) Distinguish between conflict prevention and conflict management.

(b) Examine any four (4) effects of conflict.


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We hope these 2023 BECE Social Studies Trial Test For JHS3  and other related materials will help students and teachers.


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