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2023 WASSCE Study Timetable For All Science Students

The 2023 WASSCE for school candidates will officially start on Monday, 31st July, 2023. The study timetable for the science students is officially out. This study timetable covers all the subjects offered by Science students in Ghana.

Day Subject I Subject II Subject III
Monday English Language Chemistry Social Studies
Tuesday Core Mathematics Integrated Science Biology
Wednesday Geography Social Studies Physics
Thursday Elective Mathematics s Physics Geography
Friday Chemistry Geography Integrated Science
Saturday Elective Mathematics English Language Biology
Sunday Biology Core Mathematics Chemistry

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The 2023 WASSCE and BECE is just like the previous years’s exams. Candidates should not put fear in them as the exams is sometimes considered as a just another classroom test.

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  • What candidates needs to do is to study and also be in class for the last ‘APOR’ from teachers.
  • Also study past questions. One secret most candidates doesn’t know about the BECE and WASSCE is that, WAEC doesn’t really set new questions. About 90% of all WASSCE and BECE questions are all past questions. WAEC usually frame the questions to make it new, but it’s a past question.
  • Candidates should concentrate on the last five BECE and WASSCE past questions; which include; 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018.
  • Avoid Total Dependence On Teachers And Tutors For Exams Preparation.If you think total dependence on your teacher will help you pass your exams, then you are wrong. As a BECE and WASSCE candidate, you have to do a lot more on your own. Constant reading, preparation and looking for additional materials on the subject matter will broaden your mind, understanding and make your answers richer d unique. Do not over depend on your tutor, do more for your self and increase your understanding. Today, almost everything you are learning is available on the internet.
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READ ALSO: 5 tips to take good care of your smartphone battery

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